Kevin Foeman

Kevin Foeman, Athletics

In the sporting world, one often hears about the "love of the game." For LEC volleyball coach Kevin Foeman, his love of athletics in general runs deeps.

Though he's lived in a number of places, Kevin considers himself a Virginian, having spent 14 years living in Richmond and several years in Fredericksburg. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in business administration from The University of Mary Washington, though he didn’t earn these degrees consecutively. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree in 2006, Kevin signed a contract to play baseball for the San Francisco Giants, which led to six years of play in the minor league baseball circuit before he retired in 2012. He went on to earn his MBA in 2013.

Kevin spent his off-seasons coaching baseball and volleyball at his alma mater for three years and one year, respectively, and he also coached club volleyball in Columbia, Maryland. He even began work as a personal trainer in 2007 which he continued through 2013.

Following his time in the minor leagues, Kevin worked at Hillsdale College in Michigan, where he held several roles, including that of assistant volleyball coach under Coach Chris Gravel. At Hillsdale Kevin helped launch and run Charged Up Volleyball Club, where he coached two additional teams, and he served as the assistant director of recreation sports. Other jobs he held during this time there included teaching classes such as Physical Wellness Dynamics, acting as a house director for the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega, and coaching middle school basketball at Hillsdale Academy.

Perhaps as a result of these work experiences, Kevin’s true passion is for coaching. “I have been lucky to study under some of the best coaches in the country,” he said. “My baseball coach, Tom Sheridan, who both coached me and with whom I coached, is in two Halls of Fame, and he truly molded me into the coach I am now. I also worked with Dee Conway, a longtime volleyball and softball coach at UMW who helped catapult those programs, and most recently I was able to study under one of volleyball’s best coaches, Chris Gravel, at Hillsdale.”

When Kevin heard that the head volleyball coach position at LEC was available, he was quick to apply. “I really liked the vision that Reid Guarnieri has for the athletic department and was impressed by the success seen in so many sports on campus,” he said. Kevin was also drawn to the “perfect location” of campus, noting that volleyball in Cleveland is high caliber. “The Cleveland Volleyball Club finished second at nationals in the highest 18 division and AVC, another Cleveland volleyball club, won AAUs in the highest 17 division,” he said. “It’s huge for me knowing that some of our sport’s best clubs in the country are just down the street.”

For Kevin, the most rewarding aspect of the job is recruiting athletes who share the mindset and goals of the program at LEC. “It’s an amazing feeling to hear that a player has accepted your offer to commit,” he said. “I also love coming to work alongside my amazing coaching staff every day and tackling each day along with our players to improve all aspects of our lives.”

As a coach, Kevin’s primary goal is to help mold his team into the best people they can be, on and off the court. “If at the end of the year I can look at my team and see that they have put 100% of their effort every day in all aspects of their lives, then I know I was successful in my job,” he said.

Apart from his love of the College’s location, Kevin appreciates the value of a liberal arts education and is impressed by the direction in which the College is headed. He also enjoys the “family-like environment” on campus that allows him to have honest and direct communication with all faculty and staff members on campus, and he especially enjoys spending time in his favorite places on campus, the volleyball courts and the weight room.

When asked what advice he has for prospective students of the College, Kevin notes that it is important to pick a school that fits your personal wants and needs. “If you want a liberal arts education in an ideal location where you will be more than just a number, then LEC is for you,” he said. “The people here are all working together as one team to ensure that LEC continues to make strides toward the future.”