Kevin Hoogenboom

Kevin Hoogenboom, Head Wrestling Coach

In recent years, the athletics department at Lake Erie College has developed one of the fastest growing athletics programs in the nation. A key player in this growth has been Kevin Hoogenboom, head coach of LEC’s wrestling team.

Originally from Twinsburg, Ohio, Kevin attended St. Peter Chanel High School in Bedford, Ohio, before enrolling at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Mercyhurst with a major in business administration and a concentration in finance. Having continued his education since then, Kevin is set to graduate from Lake Erie College this December with a master of business administration degree from the Parker MBA Program.

Kevin began his career as an insurance salesman with a branch of Citigroup before taking a job at Fralo Industries in Erie, Pa. as an outside salesman. In addition to his current position as the head wrestling coach at LEC, Kevin is an entrepreneur involved in a small investment company that manages rental units, and he is also the manager of a small painting company called K-Boom Painting.

Kevin first came in contact with LEC during his time at Fralo Industries when President Michael T. Victor called to assess the cost of starting a wrestling team at Lake Erie. Kevin agreed to create a small business plan that would outline the necessary elements of the program, which resulted in the College moving forward to make wrestling its then 23rd varsity sport. “I was soon asked if I would like to interview for the coaching position,” he said. “Several weeks later I was offered the job and the rest is history!”

Since joining the staff at LEC, Kevin has grown to love the people he works with and the relationships he’s made. He’s had the opportunity to build the wrestling program from the ground up, which he describes as “freedom that is hard to find in the workforce.” Though his own work has certainly been rewarding, Kevin’s favorite part of his job is seeing one of his athletes achieve a personal goal.

On campus, Kevin’s favorite place to spend his time is the Zappitelli Family Wrestling Complex, formerly the Garfield Annex. “When we first started wrestling in 2010, the building we are in now was vacant,” he said. The wrestling team went months without a wrestling room or a locker room.

Over the span of four years, however, the facility has grown to include custom wooden lockers, a brand new shower room and a laundry facility, among other upgrades. “My staff and the teams over the years have put up a lot of hard work and sweat into making our facility what it is today,” said Kevin. “I feel comfortable here.”

As for students still considering whether or not to attend Lake Erie, Kevin stresses the value of a private education. “There are so many colleges out there for you to choose from,” he said, “but our school has so many wonderful opportunities! It’s our home.”