Kids’ summer science camps fascinate new groups at LEC and local nature preserve


John Tedesco teaching childrenWide-eyed elementary age students are exploring chemistry and biology through the scientific method at Lake Erie College summer camps.

Faculty continue to stir enthusiasm amongst the children of Ridge Pointe Child Care in their quest to enhance early science education in Northeast Ohio.

“As our K-12 education system in this country seems to focus on a standardized approach, students are having their natural curiosity conditioned out of them,” said Dr. Johnathan Tedesco, dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. “By the time they begin college, many students do not view science as exciting or interesting and their curiosity often is lacking.”

Now, one learning session will occur at The Nature Conservancy’s Grand River Conservation Campus. Alongside a hike through the Morgan Swamp Preserve and a tour of the Dr. James K. Bissel Nature Center, campers will connect with the environment by creating nature artwork.

Campers will also learn basic concepts like solubility, chemical reactions, hydrophobicity, absorption, dyes and polymer crystals. Their experiments with exploding “elephant toothpaste” and Magic Sand, regular sand coated with a water repellent,Children learning in lab require them to make observations, form hypotheses, test their theories and record findings.

On Tuesday, July 10, they will explore the states of matter and tissue structure by examining everyday household products through a microscope.

“I think engaging students—before they have been through the system—in a way that excites them and encourages participation and questions is the best way to teach them what science is really about,” said Dr. Tedesco.

For more information about the summer science camps, contact Dr. Johnathan Tedesco at or 440-375-7352.

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