Kim Mariotti

Kim Mariotti, Assistant Director for Residence Life and Coordinator of Campus Activities

Hailing from Springfield, Mass., Kim Mariotti made the move to Ohio following her graduation from Regis College in Weston, Mass. in 2009. She earned a bachelors degree with a major in liberal studies and a concentration in health and fitness, as well as minors in history and music.

After spending her first postgraduate summer on the job hunt, Kim learned of a graduate assistant position in the athletics department at LEC and decided to pursue the opportunity. She also began the Master of Education program at LEC, from which she graduated in 2011.

In her current position as the Assistant Director for Residence Life and Coordinator of Campus Activities, Kim has the opportunity to assist students throughout their four years of college. "My favorite thing is to meet students their freshman year and then watch them change over time and develop into the people they are when they graduate, she said. "For the ones I have strong relationships with, I like to remind them how far they have come since their orientations.

For Kim, a successful work environment involves having the support of coworkers, supervisors and students. Kim is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who pressures herself to succeed, so she appreciates the support of "a supervisor who is always there to hold me up and students who trust me enough to follow my lead.

Though she decided to work at LEC on a whim, Kim is glad she made that decision. "LEC offers me many opportunities to enhance my resume, she said. She has had seven title changes in the five years shes been here, as well as many opportunities to volunteer with various projects. "Not only does Lake Erie prepare its students for life outside of college, but it also helps faculty and staff members grow personally and professionally, she said. This growth process revolves around the common goal of making Lake Erie the best institution it can be for the students who attend.

Kims favorite thing about LEC is the size of the campus. "I am a product of a small institution, she said. "This type of environment offers a friendly place where people cannot get lost in the shuffle. Kim particularly enjoys this dynamic in the Student Life Office where she works.

For students considering attending LEC, Kim wants everyone to shed the fear of standing out. "Break away from the titles someone may give you to describe who you are, she said. "Get involved in all areas of campus! You wont regret it!