Lake Erie College and Chamberlain University partner to create a pathway for students to complete nursing education


Lake Erie College (LEC) today announced a new partnership with Chamberlain University’s Cleveland campus that creates a seamless pathway for nursing students to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. 

The partnership between LEC and Chamberlain University accepts transfer credits into Chamberlain’s three-year BSN degree program. The BSN degree delivers a superior education for Northeast Ohio’s future healthcare workforce and provides access to state-of-the-art facilities. Under the rigorous program, students graduate in as little as three years with a BSN, gain hands-on experience and perform clinical rotations at local leading partner health systems.  

Lake Erie College President Brian Posler, Ph.D., shared his enthusiasm for the program. "This exciting new partnership between Lake Erie College and Chamberlain University provides great opportunities for students and addresses a critical need for more BSN-educated nurses in Northeast Ohio. Together, we will empower students and provide another pathway to this critically important industry." 

According to the Center for Health Affairs, by 2020 the shortage of registered nurses in Northeast Ohio is expected to reach 2,850, more than three times the shortage of 820 in 2017.1

Formed in response to the critical nursing deficit, this historic partnership is the first in Northeast Ohio between a private higher education school and a specialty program that creates a seamless degree pathway for students to obtain their BSN degree.

The partnership makes education accessible to students who apply to either school. Students begin their education at Lake Erie College, taking core courses with the required science curriculum and then once completed, transfer to Chamberlain’s Cleveland campus to continue the clinical and didactic nursing coursework.

“LEC and Chamberlain University share a seamless ethos with foundational values that focus on creating a learning environment enriched with individualized coaching, mentoring, small classroom sizes, utilization of simulation labs and supportive workshops to enhance the student’s academic success,” said Brenda Spear, DNP, MSN, R.N., president, Chamberlain University, Cleveland campus. “The synergy between the education providers will create a well-prepared nursing student.”

“Chamberlain University consistently strives to provide access to women and men who desire to become a nurse,” said Patrick Rombalski, Ed.D., vice president Campus Operations, Chamberlain University. “We do this by building partnerships with other institutions of higher education, like Lake Erie College, which are striving to find common paths that open doors to the nursing profession.”

This student-centric partnership keeps the student experience at the forefront, in harmony with the missions of both colleges. Johnathan Tedesco, Ph.D., dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Lake Erie College shares, "Our relationship with Chamberlain allows us to expand our partnerships and provide novel educational pathways for our students while also addressing the need for nurses in Northeast Ohio. This is a great example of how two institutions can work together to provide outstanding educational opportunities and serve our communities."

Enrollment is open for the 2020 academic year. For more information or to apply to Lake Erie College and Chamberlain University, please visit or


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