Lake Erie College Receives Funding from the Prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) to Support Collaboration and Planning


Lake Erie College is excited to announce an award in the amount of $25,589 to support planning and stakeholder engagement for its unique partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the purpose of which is to enhance educational and research opportunities for northeast Ohio students, teachers, and residents. Utilizing TNC’s Grand River Campus at Morgan Swamp Preserve and onsite facilities, this grant funding will allow LEC to serve as a hub of communication and interaction between K-12 educators, higher education institutions, and industry and government partners to determine how best to utilize the preserve and facilities to support science education and research in the region. Given the preserve’s ideal location and diverse ecological assets, both LEC and TNC seek to embark upon a strategic planning conference that invites broad participation and collaboration across academic research, scientific communities, government organizations, and the general public.

An output of the planning process will be a cohesive approach to regional educational efforts so our communities may, with the help of this LEC/TNC initiative, take ownership in the sustainability efforts of the regional community. Also, given LEC’s institutional emphasis on the sciences and research initiatives, activities supported by this grant will help the College determine the most impactful means of serving regional STEM teachers and LEC’s role as a hub of collaboration. Dr. John Tedesco, dean of LEC’s School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics shares that “the ultimate goal of the conference and related activities supported by the grant is to develop a strategic plan that will guide focused educational and research endeavors.” As the strategic planning will also inform the  renovations of an onsite lodge for the purposes of science education and outreach, he continues by stating that, “we hope that the conference and subsequent renovation of the  lodge will serve as a catalyst to bring our regional community together to provide top notch STEM education while improving cooperative conservation efforts. ” Of the grant award, LEC’s President, Dr. Brian Posler, voices enthusiasm for this accomplishment by saying, “LEC strives to be a leader in community engagement and collaboration that improves all aspects of the region in which it resides, and this extends to serving as a galvanizing resource to STEM research and education initiatives. It is rare for an institution to receive NSF funding of any size, and their support of our ideas and vision is a wonderful validation of our direction as a college, and especially in the sciences.”

For more information regarding this grant award, including to learn how you can help this endeavor, please contact Dr. John Tedesco at

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