Lake Erie College School of Education and Painesville City Local Schools Receive a Second Partnership grant from the Ohio Department of Education to Expand the Teacher Education Pipeline


The Ohio Department of Education has awarded a Human Capital Opportunity Grant to the Painesville City Local Schools (PCLS) and the Lake Erie College School of Education to continue their work building a diverse teacher pipeline through a College Credit Plus (CCP) pathway and support the work of the Harvey High School Educators Rising Team.

The Ohio Department of Education indicates that the grant is intended to be a one-year plan for districts and schools to work alongside partners in developing human capital strategies geared toward better hiring, retention, and support for educators. According to Dr. Katharine Delavan, dean of LEC’s School of Education, this grant allows for the implementation of the action plan set forth in the Strengthening Ohio’s Teacher Pipeline Grant. The grant will also support the expansion of the CCP Teacher Pathway program into the 8th grade at Heritage Middle School with social studies teacher Checole Andrews and continue into 9th grade at Harvey High School with ESL/Spanish teacher Erica Houston. Dr. Delavan, Andrews and Houston will develop a mentoring program that will pair a CCP Teacher Pathway student with a Lake Erie College Education student and faculty member. The grant also funds Emotional-Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) training for Dr. Delavan, Erica Houston, and Checole Andrews. The ESCI inventory is a component of the mentoring program and is intended to support students in setting goals for emotional-social growth and provide guidance as they progress towards high school graduation and entrance into college.  

“There is an established need for diverse teachers across the State of Ohio. The faculty of the School of Education believe we play an important role in the recruitment of diverse teachers that represent the students in our P-12 classrooms,” says Dr. Delavan. “We also believe recruitment of diverse teachers requires a different approach than the traditional methods. It is critical to establish trusting relationships with prospective students to support and guide their journey. Any teacher preparation program has a social responsibility to work closely with, and support the community it serves by graduating the teachers needed in that community.”

The grant funding also supports the 2019-2020 Harvey High School Educators Rising Team by funding their travel to Columbus for the State Educators Rising Convention, purchasing professional clothing for their competitions and supplying professional video recording equipment for competitions that require recording and pre-submission. 

PCLS superintendent, Dr. Josh Englehart, relays that he and his teachers “are extremely grateful for the opportunities which will be provided through this grant funding. It will support the strategic objectives of the district and college to increase and diversify the teacher candidate pool. Even more importantly, it will open up a pathway for our students toward a degree and a great career.”

From the teacher perspective, Chechole Andrews expresses enthusiasm for the mutual benefit of receiving the grant and says that it will “allow us to further support Harvey students in the field of education through our Educators' Rising and College Credit Plus programs. This gives our school district a great push towards hopefully having Harvey graduates as future teachers here in our own community.”

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