Learning Community Program Application

Honors and Learning Community Application

Please read and understand the following terms and conditions before submitting your application. Please note: Students may not participate in both the Honors Program and be a member of a Learning Community.


Students must apply to the program no later than May 15. Space in the program is limited. Please note: Students who wish to participate in the Science, Health and Environment Learning Community must be eligible for placement into MT109 Precalculus or higher.


As a student in a Learning Community, you will experience the following benefits:

  • A $1,000 Learning Community renewable scholarship.
  • First-year seminar experience through one of four HU125 classes offered in the Fall semester, covering an engaging topic while also giving the students the chance to explore the disciplines that fall within the scope of their Learning Community
  • Additional academic programming or travel as offered by faculty and guest experts.
  • Social gatherings for students involved in the Learning Communities.
  • HU111 class, focusing on the creation and completion of an ePortfolio—the ePortfolios documents the students’ development throughout their Lake Erie College experience, and focus on the integration of coursework, out-of-class experience (leadership, service and other activities) and academic/career development. An effective ePortfolio becomes a valuable tool when searching for internship experiences, or even post-graduation as the students enter the career market. Students producing the strongest portfolios in the HU111 course will receive an iPad (or similar product), and will have their work displayed at the year-end event.


To receive/maintain the scholarship funding and other benefits, students must:

  • Maintain a 3.0 accumulative GPA
  • Meet all requirements of the HU 125 (Fall) and HU 111 (Spring) courses.
  • Participation in at least two specific Learning Community activities offered each semester as noted by Learning Community Faculty Leader or Learning Community Course Instructor.

The general admissions standard for the Learning Communities includes an ACT score of 20 or above (or equiv), and a HS GPA of 3.0 or above. However, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. The date of application and answers to the application questions will also be considered in the admission process.

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  1. Why are you interested in being part of our Learning Communities?

  2. What are your intended career plans or major?

  3. What can you contribute to our Learning Communities?

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