Planning Preparation Form

Faculty and staff should use the Planning Preparation Form when presenting new initiatives. This form is to serve as a guide to ensure an alignment of initiatives and substantive activities with institutional priorities. By using benchmarks, goals, qualitative assessment measures, and the College mission as a standard, the institution will support thoughtful, reflective, and relevant planning. It is expected that this form will be brought to each area VP for discussion, clarification, and approval consideration.

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Instructional assessment is guided by individual school planning, regional and discipline-specific accreditation standards, and Academic Affairs priorities (which are aligned with institutional priorities, as well as divisional priorities identified by Deans Council, Faculty Senate, and the varied Faculty Senate committees). The Associate VP for Academic Affairs coordinates over-arching assessment activities, provides tracking and reporting mechanisms, and identifies / offers training and professional development opportunities based on recommendations from the deans, Assessment Committee, the Academic Affairs / institutional planning process, school priorities and accrediting requirements. The dean of each school provides oversight of program level assessment activities in coordination with the Office of Academic Affairs.

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Empowerment Curriculum Assessment: Pathways to Success Colloquium Series (Sample Template) word-logo.gif (15×15)


IACBE Outcomes Assessment (School of Business)
CAEP Standards (School of Education)
ARC-PA Standards of Accreditation (Physician Assistant)


State Standards for TAG (Transfer Assurance Guide) - Ohio Dept. of Higher Education
Lumina Degree Profile (Degree Level Standards) pdf-logo.gif (15×15)
Benchmarking Peer Institutions based on IPED's reported Institutional and Enrollment profile:
Others may exist for specific populations (EQ, International Study, etc.) Please consult with Academic Affairs for further information.


Lake Erie College utilizes Taskstream’s Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) to facilitate the demonstration and assessment of learning achievement for improving teaching and learning. With Taskstream we have a centralized process with a system tailor-made for our assessment needs to include electronic portfolios, outcomes assessment and data collection, standards-based lesson and unit planning, communication tools, shared resources, surveys, and field placement and clinical practice management.

Taskstream resources

Program Review

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Please consult with the Office of Academic Affairs regarding professional development needs or other assessment resources, Jennifer Collis at jcollis@lec.edu . For Taskstream questions contact Terri Orlando at torlando@lec.edu.