Instructional assessment is conducted by the faculty and is guided by individual school planning, regional and discipline-specific accreditation standards, and Academic Affairs priorities (which are aligned with institutional priorities, as well as divisional priorities identified by Deans Council, Faculty Senate, and the varied Faculty Senate committees). The Coordinator for Academic Initiatives directs the over-arching assessment activities, provides tracking and reporting mechanisms, and identifies / offers assessment training and professional development opportunities based on recommendations from the deans, the Assessment Liaison Committee, and the Office of Academic Affairs. The dean of each school provides oversight of program level assessment activities in coordination with the Office of Academic Affairs. The Assessment Liaison Committee consists of at least one liaison from each of the schools and is charged with the following: dissemination of assessment planning updates (institutional or school), identification of assessment training needs, and working with the deans to coordinate the collection of annual program level assessment reports.


Terri Orlando – Academic Affairs
Faria Huq – School of Business Assessment Coordinator
Rich West – School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Assessment Coordinator
Nichole Kathol – School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Assessment Coordinator
Steven Hunter – Physician Assistant Program Assessment Coordinator
Katharine Delavan – School of Education and Professional Studies Assessment Coordinator
Mary Pardee – School of Equine Studies Assessment Coordinator


Program Level Assessment Plan word-logo.gif (15×15)
PLAP Evaluation Rubric word-logo.gif (15×15)
Curriculum Map pdf-logo.gif (15×15)
Program Level Assessment Plan Rubric pdf-logo.gif (15×15)
The below resources are available in the Lincoln Library in the Reserve Section. These materials will supplement training as provided by Taskstream, internal professional development opportunities, and other resources available to the Lake Erie College community.
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Please consult with the Office of Academic Affairs regarding professional development needs or other assessment resources, by contacting Terri Orlando at torlando@lec.edu.