LEC Volunteers Participate in Night To Shine Event


Lake Erie College students, faculty and staff participated in the heart-warming event, a Night to Shine on Feb. 8 at Painesville Baptist Church, joining hundreds of churches across the country for this special night. Created by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Night to Shine offers people with special needs a prom-like event tailor-made to leave them with an unforgettable experience.

LEC’s own Dr. Katie Krammer, organized over eighty students, faculty and staff to participate in the evening’s festivities. A shout out and heart-felt thanks to Dr. Krammer for giving of her time, caring and expertise to make this night so special for all the “prom” attendees. She is a wonderful example of LEC’s mission and values in action – and providing our students an opportunity to be “empowered to lead lives of personal significance...”

“This was our third year supporting this event and we had the most students ever participating with 43 female and 40 male LEC students and one staff member.” Dr. Krammer explained. “I am incredibly proud of our students who, although most of them have no training, and limited to no experience in working with individuals with special needs, they stepped up and made sure their prom dates had a night they will never forget! The smiles on everyone's faces were priceless and a great time was had by all. After all it's really not about disabilities or abilities, it was just about dancing and feeling like a queen or king for the evening.”

One of LEC’s “special dates” Robert Goe, maintenance technician leading the HVAC program, shared his experience with Dr. Krammer following the event.

“I wanted to thank you and everyone involved for the opportunity to attend Night To Shine.  I can honestly say that I was nervous and very unsure of what to expect. There was a point before the event that I wondered if I had the ability to be successful, I did not want to ruin someone's special night.  But then I met my date, Jessica, and I couldn't have been more happy.”

The event organized by Painesville Baptist Church rolled out the red carpet for guests, providing a traditional prom-like décor, photo booth, refreshments, cake, and a DJ playing tunes the guests could dance to. Additionally, guests were provided with a space to get away from the noise and busy environment to a sensory room with lava lamps and a relaxing environment.

Goe adds, he was the one who felt blessed by the experience.  His date was deaf and he was able to communicate with her through sign language.

“The two and a half hours we had seemed to go by in minutes and I found myself having one of the best nights of my life.  Not only did I enjoy my time with Jessica but I enjoyed seeing so many others helping each other to make the night truly memorable.  It is an experience that I feel everyone should try at least once. I felt very energized through the event and I did things, like a picture booth, that normally were out of my comfort zone because I did not want Jessica to miss any experience offered that night.  Jessica was awesome and so were all of the attendees, I thank you so much for bringing this to the college and for all you do. It was truly a pleasure and you are truly an angel.”

A big thank you to our caring and compassionate LEC participants:

Chloe Allen, Paige Allen, Madeline Anderson, Alexis Barrickman, Anna Barthol, Roberta Benedict, Emily Boban, Payton Brownlee, Kimberly Brumagin, Jordan Brunstetter, Summer Crouch, Kerry Dietrich, Jenna Dripps, Holland Erb,  Danielle Farmer, Peyton Frankovich, Carlie Grabowski, Korie Gross, Cheyenne Hamel, Taylen Hamilton, Krista Harbart, Lacey Harris, Michaela Hoagland, Carley Kandel, Crystal Kedroske, Jennifer Kilgore, Alexandria Mathis, Hailey Nielsen, Hannah Patton, Tashelle Peigan, Leah Pollifrone, Kristen Redwood, Jaclyn Robinson, Courtney Rosebrooke, Emily Scheppner, Haley Scherer, Morgan Smith, Rachel Toensing, Juliet Tyma, Parker Viele, Rachel Ward, Michaela Weaver, Rachel Weber. Male dates included, Jensen Benner, Tyler Berry, Brian Bersee, Rodgrigo Bonfim, Corey Brooks, John Brunstetter, Jackson Burdyshaw, Jonathon Carr, Josh Collins, Colby Daigle, Justin Farmer, Ben Edwards, Karry DeBose, Robert Goe, Fenesse Henry, Jordan Humphrey, Evan Layne, Forrest Longeway, Sean McGlaughlin, Colin McGreal, Jacob McGrinder, Cody Mitchell, Samuel Mutemwa, Omar Oliveros, Cole Richards, Harrison Riggs, Zach Rodman, Anthony Ruffin, Ameer Saade, DeWayne Scott, Mitchell Sorensen, Mason Stearn, Peter Theodos, Ennis Thomas, Desmond Turner, Joshua Vivas Delgado, Conner Wright, Shaun Wright, Scott Wright, Dustin Ettinger.

For additional information see the News-Herald story at https://www.news-herald.com/lifestyle/painesville-baptist-church-s-night-to-shine-a-hit-with/article_8340e8a2-2bfe-11e9-96ac-033edf2d5bd2.html?clearUserState=true

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