Love Your Melon Dance-A-Thon taking place April 21


Lake Erie College’s student organization Love Your Melon (LYM) Campus Crew is on a mission to help those affected by cancer.

Having been inspired by the story of Linda Michalski, a staff member’s aunt who is currently battling ovarian cancer, the LYM Crew decided to throw a Dance-A-Thon on campus to raise funds for cancer research.

Michalski, a mother of three, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of one, is currently undergoing an 18-week chemotherapy regimen and has consequently lost her hair. The 71-year-old holds that being bald is “not her style” and set out to gather hats to donate to charity for other people fighting cancer who would like to keep their style, too.

As a subgroup of Love Your Melon, a national company founded in 2012 with the mission of putting a hat on the head of every child battling cancer in the United States, the LEC LYM Crew sympathized with Michalski’s struggle and chose to take action.

Danielle Kovach, the president of Lake Erie’s LYM Campus Crew, was inspired to begin the group after meeting a young boy named Jaiden who suffered from brain cancer at a very young age before ultimately beating it. 

“Jaiden is the happiest kid and would always put a smile on my face,” said Kovach. “Whenever he saw me he would light up and run to hug me, which was so inspiring since he had a terrible illness but still loved life and everyone in it. I decided to begin this crew because I love LYM’s mission and believe that all children deserve to have a smile on their face.”

The group’s Dance-A-Thon will take place on Friday, April 21, 2017 from 7:30-11:00 p.m. in the Jerome T. Osborne Family Athletic & Wellness Center. All proceeds from the event will benefit the UH Seidman Cancer Center, a Cleveland based facility that consistently ranks in the top 20 cancer centers in the country. The group’s donation will be made in Michalski’s name.

“We don’t know Linda or her family but this event is to show those who are fighting cancer that they are not alone,” said Kovach. “Our club mission is to help and that is what we set out to do with this event.”

The Dance-A-Thon will feature music, food and freestyle dance competitions for individuals and teams, with prizes to be awarded to those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Those who wish to take part in the dance competitions can sign up at the door.

In addition to the festivities, the event will feature a raffle with baskets and donations from local business and organizations. Raffle tickets will cost $3 apiece or $5 for an arm’s length’s worth of tickets. Winners need not be present to accept their prizes.

LYM Crew’s Dance-A-Thon is open to the community and all are encouraged to attend. Admission to the event is $5 per ticket or $3 with a college ID. Those who are unable to attend the event or who would like to contribute more can donate directly to the Dance-A-Thon’s GoFundMe page at

This is the first year for the LYM Dance-A-Thon though the group hopes to continue the event in the future. For more information on the Lake Erie LYM Campus Crew or their event, contact Danielle Kovach at or 440-728-8020.

As explained on the company’s website, Love Your Melon was founded in 2012 with the mission of putting a hat on the head of every child battling cancer in the United States. Having achieved their original goal of giving 45,000 hats – one for every child battling cancer in the U.S. – the company has donated over 2.6 million dollars and 90,000 hats, with 50% of all profits going to these causes. Lake Erie LYM Campus Crew’s fundraiser is an individual effort that does not directly benefit the company.

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