Music Facilities

Beautiful Morley Music Hall is the center for musical studies and performances on the Lake Erie College campus. This facility has received numerous acclaims from international performers as one of the best concert facilities to be found on any college or university campus. The remarkable acoustics of Morley also make the perfect soundboard for the newly-restored, 64-rank E. M. Skinner Organ, Op 647, that is integrated into the concert hall.

For music classes with enrollments larger than ten students, the stage of the concert hall is used. Most music classes are smaller and take place in the small, attractive classrooms on the terrace level of the Morley Music Building.

Also, on the main floor of Morley Music Building can be found the Harold Fink Memorial Music Library named after a highly-regarded, former professor/composer/friend of music at Lake Erie College. The library contains a catalogued, broad collection of music scores, reference books, and printed programs from past Lake Erie College and Cleveland Orchestra concerts. Music students can supplement their studies by checking out materials or perusing the materials in the intimate, beautiful surroundings of the library.