Natalie Scala

Natalie Scala, Bookstore Manager

Originally from Warren, Ohio, Natalie Scala currently resides on the west side of Cleveland and serves as the Bookstore Manager at Lake Erie College. A graduate of Youngstown State University (YSU), Natalie holds a bachelors degree with a major in professional writing and editing. She also has years of experience in retail store management, staff training and development, and product development and ordering.

Natalie originally came to Lake Erie College because it offered a work environment in the realm of higher education. "When I was a student at YSU, I worked as a research assistant and in the library, and I thoroughly enjoyed that atmosphere, she said. "Now, years later, I still feel that working in higher education is rewarding on many levels.

One of the most gratifying aspects of Natalies job is the ability to work creatively across a variety of areas. Natalie sells merchandise at football games, interacts with the Storm supporters, and works with faculty to order textbooks, just to name a few of her responsibilities.

In addition to her day-to-day tasks, Natalie loves having the opportunity to interact with LECs student body. "I really enjoy putting books in the hands of students who are eager to learn, and I love seeing our students wearing items they bought from the bookstore, she said.

In fact, Natalie feels most successful in her job when students or other people on campus go out of their way to stop by the store just to offer a compliment. "The LEC community is very personable and caring, she said. "I work with supportive, dedicated people and serve awesome students, parents and alumni.

Natalies advice to prospective students is to embrace the tradition and supportive atmosphere that Lake Erie has to offer. "The College is over 150 years old because we have always been concerned about the changing world, she said. "The faculty and staff at LEC are a very supportive group who care about each individual student. Were here to make your tomorrows a success!