Off-Campus Housing

All full time, undergraduate students are required to reside in campus housing unless approved for residency exemption.  Any student interested in a residency exemption is required to fill out the application and return it to the Student Life Office.  Scholarships (including athletic) may be adjusted for students who are approved to live off campus.  Falsification of information on the Exemption Form will result in disciplinary action. In addition, students who are denied to live Off Campus and pursue Off Campus housing will still be held responsible for appropriate housing charges.

Lake Erie College believes that living on campus is an essential part of a successful college experience. Studies have shown that students who live on campus earn better grades and have higher GPA's than their non-resident counterparts. Living on campus provides students opportunities to develop stronger ties to the College and experience a greater sense of community.

We recognize that many students do not understand the value of their social experience when they live on campus. In addition, we do recognize that living on campus can be costly. Ultimately, students need to make decisions that are financially responsible for them and the Off Campus Housing Exemption Committee reviews every request with consideration for what is best for the student. Students should visit the Financial Aid Office for information regarding their financial aid package and how moving off campus may affect them. Here are some additional things to keep in mind when budgeting for off campus housing:

**Average utility and rent usage for Painesville, OH:

Rent: $750 to $1200 (average 4 bedroom houses) per month

Gas: Average $50 to $100 per month

Electric: Average $50 to $200 per month depending on Heat and Air Conditioning

Water/Sewer: Average $25 to $50 per month

Cable/Internet Package: Average $100 per month

** This does not represent all costs associated with residing off campus. Please consult costs with your landlord or provider and review your rental lease agreement carefully.

For additional information regarding off campus renting please visit:

The Student Life Office is contacted daily by members of the Painesville community that have apartments and houses for rent. We will post these options as a courtesy to our students. We do not endorse any rental property or landlord relationship. Students may visit the Student Life Office for more information on properties that are available in the area. Additional options for off campus housing are located in the surrounding townships of: Willoughby, Chardon, Mentor and Fairport Harbor. We encourage students to review the policies of each township per their appropriate website:

The Student Life Office staff is willing to assist students through the off campus housing search. We encourage students who are looking at off campus options to remember that they are ambassadors for the College and that expectations do exist for behavior. We encourage students to get to know their neighbors in the community and form a positive relationship through communication. The Student Life Office does not monitor off campus residential student behavior unless brought to our attention. However, our ultimate goal is to help our students understand that civility and respect are necessary.

Off Campus Housing listings are available in the Student Life Office. Questions or concerns can be directed to the Student Life Office, 440.375.7505 or