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  2. PA Preceptor Child Undergraduate Scholarship

PA Preceptor Child Undergraduate Scholarship

The primary physician assistant student preceptor of a site can earn scholarships that may be applied toward their own legal dependent’s undergraduate tuition in the terms and conditions outlined below.

Scholarship Program Terms & Conditions:

  1. A Preceptor undergraduate scholarship is earned for each LEC PA student rotation precepted. This is only available for the primary preceptor assigned by the College as the instructor responsible for the PA student during a rotation.

  2. The primary preceptor must request issuance within 12 months of the rotation commencement. The scholarship request may not be processed until completion of rotation and receipt of student evaluation.

  3. The preceptor must designate one dependent of whom he or she possesses legal custody to be the scholarship recipient.

  4. Only the preceptor has the ability to designate the Preceptor scholarship recipient. The initial recipient cannot transfer the scholarship to another individual.

  5. For each full, one-month rotation preceptor may obtain a $500 tuition scholarship for one dependent. For example, if a preceptor provides five student rotations, they may obtain a $2,500 tuition scholarship for their child for one year.

  6. Preceptor scholarships expire 24

    months after the date of issuance.

  7. The Preceptor Scholarship is limited to $2,500 per academic year. This scholarship is considered a tuition scholarship and in combination with other tuition awards, cannot exceed the tuition cost in a given academic year.

  8. This Preceptor scholarship applies to LEC undergraduate study only. If the recipient chooses to pursue seats reserved through an LEC agreement with another institution or within LEC’s graduate programs, the scholarship will not apply towards that tuition.

  9. Individuals wishing to use a Preceptor scholarship must apply, be accepted to, and be enrolled in a full-time degree-seeking program in at Lake Erie College. Prospective students will be held to the same admission standards as all other candidates. Visit www.lec.edu/ for further details on admission requirements.

  10. The Lake Erie College PA Program office will monitor the eligibility of the Preceptor scholarship and notify the office of Admissions and/or Financial Aid office of awards.