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Mild-Moderate Intervention Specialist License| Program

Lake Erie College Offers Fully Online Post-Baccalaureate Courses That Lead to a Mild-Moderate Intervention Specialist License

The coursework prepares you to assess and plan interventions, collaborate with families and  Professionals, create differentiated lessons, and implement positive behavioral interventions and supports. Field experiences are embedded in each course to allow for practical hands-on experiences. These can be carried out within your existing classroom or in other sites you arrange.

Each of the six courses runs for 6-7 weeks across three semesters allowing students who begin in the summer to complete the program in one year; however, students may enter the program during any semester. Applicants must have evidence of having taken and passed a pedagogy exam as well as 12 credit hours of reading (including a course in phonics) as required by the state of Ohio for this license. Candidates must also pass the OAE special education content exam before Lake Erie College can sign-off on the additional license after completing the coursework.


  • Coursework

    Coursework can be completed in three semesters over a one-year period. This includes two six-week courses in the summer, two seven-week courses in the fall, and two seven-week courses in the spring.

  • Convenience

    The convenience of 24/7 access to coursework anywhere there is Internet connectivity.

  • Maintain Income

    Ability to maintain your current position and income while you earn an additional teaching license.

  • Begin At Any Point

    Students can begin the program at any point in the academic year (summer, spring, or fall).

  • Fieldwork

    50 hours of fieldwork embedded in the course work that can be completed in your school, during subbing, or in a placement you arrange. 


  • A completed application

  • An undergraduate degree in education from an accredited institution

  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended

In addition to the online coursework provided by LEC Candidates seeking to add the Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialist License are to:

Have completed, or be concurrently taking, 12 hours of reading as required by the State of Ohio including a course in phonics. (Please note, we do offer the reading courses online).

Provide evidence of passing the following Ohio Assessment for Educators Exams:

  1. Special Education Content Assessment (Test #043) 

  2. Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK–12) (Test #004) or provide evidence of having passed another OAE or Praxis II pedagogy assessment.

  3. Foundations of Reading (Test # 090)

* The reading courses and the OAE tests must be completed before LEC will sign off on this additional license after completing the coursework. 


*$600/SH rate applies to EDS 300 PB, EDS 303 PB, EDS 302 PB, EDS 330 PB, EDS 310 PB, EDS 320 PB only.  Additional coursework is billed at the current published rates listed here.

10% discount for Lake Erie College alumni.

20% Discount for the Following

  • Lake County Schools

  • Ashtabula County Schools

  • Geauga County Schools

* Discounts are not stackable.

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