P2E in Action | First Year Experience Updates

In fall 2019, all incoming freshmen students participated in a first-year experience course, HU 110: Introducing the Pathway to Empowerment. The HU 110 course culminated in group project presentations.

For their projects, students were encouraged to think of problems in their immediate community that they would like to solve. Students then worked with peers who had similar aspirations and together they developed a plan of action. At the end of the semester, students presented their posters to the campus community.

Two groups of students decided to continue working on their projects after fall semester ended.

The Storm Meds project focused on healthcare at LEC.

The Storm Meds team focused on enhancing on-campus healthcare options for students at LEC.  These students began by identifying a need and developed a proposal that provided more readily available services through an on-campus student health clinic.  After securing a first-place finish with their HU 110 poster presentation in the fall, the team began working with Peter Apicella, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, in the spring to develop a business model and value proposition map.  Prior to leaving for Spring Break, these students had just met with representatives from the LEC Physician Assistant program and had discussed the possibility of P.A. students helping to manage the clinic. We are so proud of the work the Storm Meds team has done and can't wait to see where they end up!

The Security on Campus group proposed improvements to safety measures on Lake Erie's campus.

The Security on Campus team recognized that, despite the overall safety of the campus, there was still an opportunity to make improvements.  This team developed their fall HU 110 poster presentation into a spring research project by working directly with Dr. Brenda Prochaska, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice.  Similar to what some other campuses already have in place, these students wanted to see Emergency Blue lights installed along with adding some additional lighting. To make their vision a reality, the students knew securing additional funding would be important.  They are currently hoping to make progress in that direction by presenting their research at the American Criminological Society Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. in November! This team has shown tremendous ingenuity and drive and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the upcoming year!

First-Year Experience


Each fall, we offer a First-Year Experience course for all incoming freshmen (HU 110). This course introduces the Pathway to Empowerment Initiative for all incoming students and four presentations covering each vision element: Self Discovery | Strong Personal Attributes | Creative Problem Solving | Balancing Personal & Professional Goals with the Needs of Other.

Internship Awards

At the beginning of the 2019 academic year, Eric Evans, Director of Career Development, asked internship supervisors and internship faculty advisors for Excellence in Internship nominations.  Following the fall and spring internship mid-term evaluations, all nominations were reviewed and shortlisted by faculty advisors and the Director of Career Development, who then met with Financial Aid to award scholarships.

Those winners were:

Susana Chavez Gonzalez, Accounting MajorSusana interned at Zappitelli Financial Services. From Susana's internship supervisor:

"I cannot say enough positive things about what Susy brings to my office. The office would not be able to produce the volume it does if she was not around. Susanna's situation here working with me is unique because many of my clients speak primarily or only Spanish. So having her close helps me translate and conquer the language barrier, as well as gives me a right hand partner to complete the work timely for clients. On top of the great personality she brings, she has come very far in terms of her accounting knowledge and work experience; tax work, payroll services, accounting and bookkeeping, she has taken on more than I ever expected or demanded of her and has done nothing but continue to rise to meet expectations. She has never said no to a job and is a total class act. We have strong intentions of bringing her on board full-time once she has completed her degree at LEC because she is definitely one that we want on our team."

Johanna Moeller, Criminology and Political Science MajorJohanna interned at Northeast Midwest Institute (Water Policy Research). From Johanna's internship supervisor:

"Johanna has accomplished two major research projects at the Institute, including a report on state governors’ policy priorities and a report on state climate change remediation initiatives. Both are very valuable resources in our efforts to develop and launch new programs. Johanna has very strong research skills and is a very good writer. Both of these capacities are represented in her daily work as well as in the special reports she has researched and prepared."