Pathway to Empowerment at Lake Erie College

Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) prepares students for immediate employability and what it means to live meaningfully in the real world.

The Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) signature program takes students on a journey of transformation that leads to a life of personal significance and professional success. This program is designed to empower our students to reach their full potential at Lake Erie College and beyond. To get there, we guide students through four key developmental stages that prepare them for the post-collegiate world intellectually, personally and professionally.

First-Year Experience


Each fall, we offer a First-Year Experience course for all incoming freshmen (HU 110). This course introduces the Pathway to Empowerment Initiative for all incoming students and four presentations covering each vision element: Self Discovery | Strong Personal Attributes | Creative Problem Solving | Balancing Personal & Professional Goals with the Needs of Other.

My experience with P2E so far has been amazing.

Working my way through the pillars in my own way has been interesting. As I have worked through the Pathway to Empowerment, I have come to realize that my strongest pillar is Creative Problem Solving. In the spring of 2019, I participated in an internship at Zappitelli Financial Services. At this internship, I prepared 2018 tax returns and worked on different tax situations. During the spring of 2019, I also participated in the Tax and Culture course. In that course, we learned how to prepare taxes by hand. At the end of the semester we went out into the community and prepared tax returns for low income families. P2E has helped me realize that going through college is a process of finding yourself not only as a person, but also a professional in the workforce.

Kelly McMullen, Class of 2021

Power-Up Scholarship Program

Pathway to Empowerment

As part of the Pathway to Empowerment (P2E), Lake Erie College's Power-Up Program allows students to earn scholarships by engaging in empowering activities throughout the school year.


  • Orientation

    • Begin by Forming Strong Relationships with Faculty/Staff during “Getting to Know You” Sessions at Orientation

  • Assessments

    • Begin to Build your LEC Portfolio with Career Information Interviews and Career Assessments

Self Discovery

The first step in the Pathway to Empowerment Signature Program is Self-Discovery. What does Self-Discovery mean to you? Hear what Lake Erie College students, faculty and staff have to say about the importance of self-discovery in and out of the classroom


  • Job Shadowing

    • Enhance Your LEC Portfolio with Job Shadowing Opportunities and Strengths Assessments

  • Strength Workshops

    • Attend Workshops that Help You Better Understand and Build Your Strengths

Developing Personal Attributes

The second phase of Lake Erie College's Pathway to Empowerment program is the development of strong personal attributes. Learn how our students, faculty, and staff apply their unique traits to grow personally and professionally at LEC.


  • Internships

    • Participate in Internships and Other Significant Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Mentors

    • Find Your Professional or Alumni Mentor

  • Develop Service Project

    • Develop an Interdisciplinary Service Project

Creative Problem Solving

The third stage of the Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) is creative problem-solving. Creative problem-solving skills are some of the most important attributes for any student, faculty or staff member. These skills can help prepare you to adapt, grow, and think differently in a variety of situations. How does Lake Erie College help develop these skills? Hear what members of our LEC community have to say.


  • Portfolio

    • Finalize Your Portfolio

  • Complete Service Project

    • Complete an Interdisciplinary Service Project

  • Enduring Legacy

    • Leave Your Legacy through Service, Scholarship, and Leadership

Balancing Goals

The fourth stage of the Pathway to Empowerment (P2E) is Balancing Personal and Professional Goals with the Needs of Others. At Lake Erie College, we encourage our students, faculty, and staff to find ways to make a positive impact on the lives of others and to focus on being a part of something bigger than themselves. Hear what members of our LEC community have to say about the importance of making a difference.

Why is P2E essential to a student's college experience?

Each year, LEC students will add experiences and reflections to an e-portfolio. By the time students reach their senior year, they will be prepared for the rigors of the job hunt, skilled at the interview process, and have a deeper understanding of both personal and professional goals and how to achieve them.

Annalise Kelleher

Coordinator of Academic and Co-Curricular Engagement

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