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Student Society| Physician Assistant

The mission of the Joseph G. Weber PA Student Society of Lake Erie College is to augment community health through the implementation of health literacy projects and educational opportunities while encouraging professional growth from all current and future Physician Assistant students.

  • Class of 2023 Officers

    Christopher Fry, President Emily Schutt, Vice President (AAPA Student Representative) Sydni Colchagoff, Secretary Alex Radzin, Treasurer Brad Tran and Meredith Reinhard, Health and Wellness Chair Jessica Jubec, Fundraising Chair Jenna Mossburger and Monica Hahn, Diversity Chair Alyssa Heitkamp, Recruitment Chair Austin Coldsnow, Green Chair Giavanna Sammarone, Historian Kali Hipps, Medical Missions Chair Jade Jarrett, OAPA Student Representative Taylor Thorpe, Mental Health Outreach Emily Kimura, Community Outreach Chair

  • Class of 2024 Officers

    Francesca Fabe, President Ruby Battaglia, Vice President/SAR Representative Jessica Hegedus, Secretary Mackenzie Dunlap and Gunner Stall, Treasurer Co-Chair Michelle King and Mio Vojteh,, Health and Wellness Co-chair Danielle Buser, Fundraising Chair Twincy Modi and Michele Fuseck, Diversity and Disability Co-Chair Brock Schafer and Katelyn Rudolph, Recruitment Co-Chair Katrina Reading and Michele Fuseck, Green Co-Chair Paige Meriwether, Historian Abigail Rollins and Ryan Newman, Medical Missions Co-Chair Ashley Moyo OAPA Student Representative Mallory Knill, Mental Health Chair Bond Brewster, Community Outreach Chair