Lake Erie College Faculty Publish Children’s Book “Hello My Name Is…”

Lake Erie College adjunct professor of communications Anne H. Doyle recently published her second children’s picture book, “Hello My Name Is…” This is the second in her series, My Toby’s Travels, inspired by her boxer mix Toby.

Doyle has three rescue animals, two black cats and Toby, rescued by Lake Humane Society and Saved Souls Rescue. During lockdown she came up with the idea of writing about Toby and his past abuse before his rescue. She wanted to show that though his past was a negative part of his life, his life goes on and he is learning more every day.

“I hope kids not only enjoy the book but also learn that no matter what you go through, there is always a different ending,” Doyle said.

Owning a boxer mix, Annie is aware that there are negative connotations to his breed. In her Toby series, she hopes to publicize the positive sides of the breed. Since she couldn’t find any books about the topic, she decided to write it herself. The series is meant to be fun for kids, but also document as she walks with Toby to help him discover what a quality, spoiled life for a dog looks like.

The cover design and layout for the book is also by a Lake Erie College professor, Tony Ezzo, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication and Graphic Design. The two LEC faculty collaborated to bring the picture book to life. Ezzo came to the table with ideas to enhance Doyle’s existing creative direction.

“I love working with Tony!” said Doyle. “He is wonderful to work with and we will definitely collaborate again!”

“Hello My Name Is…” is available for purchase on Amazon now.

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