Lake Erie College strives to foster the growth and development of the student. The Residence Life staff understands the each level of development is vital to the outcome of each and every student. As a college, Lake Erie has selected core ideals that effectively capture the essence of student development and education. By capturing the spirit of Lake Erie's residential and learning communities, the Residence Life staff aims to connect the student to the world beyond college.

The Resident Assistant staff is charged with creating meaningful programs tailored for each developmental stage. Students living in the residence halls participate in programs geared toward community engagement. This includes getting involved on campus as well as learning about the campus community and available services. In campus apartments, programming is focused on career aspirations as well as campus leadership and self-care. We aim to further develop career goals, campus involvement, and leadership development as well as intellectual and social growth. Upperclass programming also transitioning to professional roles and other career-based topics.

To develop programming that is in line with proven student development philosophy, Residence Life has chosen Arthur Chickering’s seven vectors to create community and support students as they discover their identities.

Vector 1 - Developing Competence
Vector 2 - Managing Emotions
Vector 3 - Moving Through Autonomy Toward Interdependence
Vector 4 - Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships
Vector 5 - Establishing Identity
Vector 6 - Developing Purpose
Vector 7 - Developing Integrity

Each vector is addressed throughout the semester through programs that fit the following categories. Accompanying each category are some examples of programs that have been presented within the past year.

Community Builders -- programs presented to floors/buildings to help make connections between residents

Examples -- Positive Vibes, Crunch Time, Stress Ball Making, Make S’More Friends, Get to Know Your Neighbor

Social -- programs presented with other floors/buildings or attendance at pre-planned campus events

Examples -- Lip Sync Battle, Support LEC Sports, Hall Decorating Contest, Open Mic Night, Reverse Trick or Treat

Student Success -- programs presented to teach residents a new skill or to have them experience something new that will help them to be successful

Examples -- Like Skills Monopoly, Pound Fitness, Dance Fitness, It’s Lit!: Fire Safety, Credit Jeopardy

Community Service -- programs presented that encourage participation in a community service project with on campus or in the surrounding community of Painesville

Examples -- Thanksgiving canned food drive, Pop Tab Collection for the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, Project Warmth

In addition to this type of active programming, Resident Assistants regularly supply their residents with informative bulletin boards and fun passive programs that we call sociograms.

A sociogram is a passive program that helps residents find connections with one another. They also help your RA to get to know you better as an individual!

Examples -- What Lifts You Up?, Academic Help, Getting to Know You, Thankful, How Will You Survive?: Making It Through Finals, Fears, Goals