Lake Erie College strives to foster the growth and development of the student. The residence life staff understands the each level of development is vital to the outcome of each and every student. As a college Lake Erie has selected core ideals that effectively capture the essence of student development and education. Innovate-Activate-Collaborate is the method by which the mission of the college is applied and this is how the residence life staff tailors our residential programming. By capturing the spirit of Lake Erie's learning communities the residence life staff aims to connect the student to the world beyond college.

The residence assistant staff is charged with creating meaningful programs tailored for each developmental stage. First year students will have programs geared toward getting the students established in the community. This includes getting involved on campus as well as learning about the campus community and the services available to students. Second year students programming is focused on career aspirations and becoming more involved on campus. Programming directed toward upperclassmen aims to further develop career goals, campus involvement, and leadership development as well as intellectual and social growth. Upper-class programming also focuses on graduate school,
transitioning leadership roles, and career based topics.

Below is a breakdown of our core ideals highlighting some of the initiatives each ideal represents. Also under each ideal are some examples of programs that have been done in the past.


  • Stimulate creativity among the students both inside and outside the classroom
  • Create confidence in yourself and others
  • Form an entrepreneurial approach relevant to daily life


  • First Year:Hold an event that discusses and explores the available majors.
  • Second Year: Have and informational program about forming or joining different leadership organizations on and off campus.
  • Third Year: Have an event with career services on cover letter and resume writing.
  • Fourth Year: Invite professors to hall to discuss professions in each academic area. For example bringing in a chemistry professor to discuss careers in teaching, or chemistry related fields.


  • Incorporation of hands on learning
  • Learning based on projects and experiences
  • Making connections and networking
  • Recognizing and addressing issues in the community


  • First Year: Mean Girls movie night focusing on standing up to bullying.
  • Second Year: Hold a presentation, or contact outside sources to hold a presentation about sexual assault awareness, alcohol awareness, or other socially relevant topics.
  • Third Year: Partner with career services about hosting an internship/ co-op information night.
  • Fourth Year: Partner with career services or alumni relations to host a networking reception.


  • Fostering social interdependence
  • Incorporating active collaboration with others
  • Engaging others in societal involvement
  • Building your foundation for living


  • First Year: Hold a how to event. Go over registering for classes, doing laundry, and cooking with a microwave.
  • Second Year: Contact the business school or a business professor to give a brief presentation on budgeting and finances
  • Third Year: Plan an off campus community service event.
  • Fourth Year:Hold a presentation with financial aid about what to do next and how to pay off student loans.