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Visual Communication & Graphic Design Degree| Major

An interdisciplinary studio art program in computer mediated art and design.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Fine Art

The Visual Communication and Graphic Design Degree (VCGD) curriculum has a strong focus on design process, typography, image-making and critical, strategic thinking.  Classes engage you in the creation of principled, conceptually strong, imaginative, and formally sound responses to many types of issues. The production of printed materials such as books, brochures, packaging, and posters is also supported in visual communication design.

Students have opportunities ranging from designing for prepress to usability design and testing for interactive media. Lab Fees will apply to certain courses.

General Requirements for Admission into the VCGD Major

Students hoping to get a Visual Communication and Graphic Design Degree from Lake Erie College must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at the end of the first year. Students are expected to earn a B+ or better in GD 201, a B or better in GD 210, a B- or better in GD 211 and a B or better in GD 310.

Students in the VCGD program will go through a junior review during this program. The Junior review will determine if a student can graduate with a BFA or BA. A minimum 2.7 major GPA is required to graduate. Students who are not making good progress in the major will be dismissed from the major.

Transfer students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher and present a portfolio of their work to the department advisor.

Student Work and Testimonial

"The graphic design program gave me tools to experience my own creative skills and gave me the insight as to how to solve real world problems."

Brittney Alfieri '23, Visual Communication in Graphic Design Major

Requirements for the Visual Communication and Graphic Design Degree

Students are required to take 48-54 semester credits including:

  • GD 110 Fundamentals of Graphic Design (3 SH)

  • GD 201 Typography (3 SH)

  • GD 202 History of Graphic Design (3 SH)

  • GD 203 Video Production (3 SH)

  • GD 204 Web Design (3 SH)

  • GD 210 Graphic Design I (3 SH)

  • GD 211 Concepting and Design Research (3 SH)

  • GD 220 Digital Illustration (3 SH)

  • GD 300 Junior Review (0 SH)

  • GD 305 Advanced Type (3 SH)

  • GD 310 Graphic Design II (3 SH)

  • GD 311 Publication Design (3 SH)

  • GD 314 UI/UX Design (3 SH)

  • GD 320 Brand Identity (3 SH)

  • GD 410 Package Design & Environments (3 SH)

  • GD 411 Environmental Graphics (3 SH)

  • GD 412 Advertising & Design (3 SH)

  • GD 450 Internship OR GD 460 Individual Investigation (3 SH)

  • GD 491 Portfolio (3 SH)

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