School of Education faculty to present and judge at 2017 Educators Rising Conference


This month, four faculty members from Lake Erie College’s School of Education and Professional Studies will serve as presenters and judges at the 2017 Educators Rising Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The conference will take place March 16 and 17 at Ohio Dominican University.

Driven by the vision that every teacher in America has the skills and experience to help all students achieve their potential, Educators Rising seeks to cultivate highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers.

By way of conferences like the one at ODU, Educators Rising hopes to grow the next generation of great teachers by cultivating the hands-on teaching experience necessary for success. The organization supports high school curricular programs and college-based student groups that help develop aspiring teachers.

At the conference March 16-17, more than 600 high school students from across Ohio will participate in a variety of education-based competitions in an effort to earn college scholarship money. LEC’s Dr. Katharine Delavan, Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies and associate professor and coordinator of early childhood education; Dr. Katie Krammer, associate professor and coordinator of special education; Mrs. Hannah Fairbanks, adjunct faculty member; and Mrs. Pam Martin, director of clinical experiences and partnerships, will each serve as judges in these events.

In addition to their judging duties, Dr. Krammer and Dr. Delavan will each present to high school students and their mentors on the morning of March 17.

Dr. Krammer’s presentation is titled “Helping Students Help Themselves: Creating Independent Leaders through Cognitive Strategy Instruction.” As explained in Krammer’s presentation description, cognitive strategies instruction is a research-based instructional approach that has been proven effective, not only for students with learning disabilities, but for all students to assist them with various academic and behavioral challenges. Krammer will instruct her audience on what these strategies are, how they are useful, the six steps involved in teaching students a strategy, and how to design their own strategy using a mnemonic device to teach a specific skill.

To follow at 11:00 a.m. that morning, Dr. Delavan’s presentation is titled “How to Create Engaging Interactive Read Aloud Experiences for Young Children.” Participants will get to take part in a discussion on the value of activating and building prior knowledge, repeated readings, introduction of vocabulary, and text dependent questioning. They will also take part in collaborative small groups to create before, during and after questions and interactions with provided storybooks, and will witness a model of an effective read aloud including interactive materials. Each participant in Delavan’s session will receive a template to support future planning of interactive read alouds and a suggested list of storybooks.

Lake Erie College will also participate in the college fair portion of the conference with a table set up from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday the 17th.

Educators Rising is an Ohio Department of Education sponsored group of future teachers. To learn more about Educators Rising, visit For more information on LEC’s participation in the 2017 Educators Rising Conference at ODU, contact Dr. Delavan at

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