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Our program is designed to teach methods, strategies, and techniques for coaching and administering sport programs, with attention to ethics, creating inclusive environments, sport-specific skills, health and safety, program administration, and risk management.

Earning this degree can help you transition your athletic playing career into a leadership role as a coach. This degree can open many other opportunities in professional sports both in administration and on the field. 

Completely On-Line Program

LEC’s Masters of Education (M.ED) with a coaching concentration is designed to help working teachers become high-quality sport coaches, by offering them a specific understanding of the unique elements of the sport environment. This program will help teachers interested in coaching and former athletes apply their skills as teachers to the practice of coaching.

The program approaches the training of coaches by providing education in three areas representing core competencies for coaches—community development, leadership and ethics (2 courses), sport-specific coaching skills (3 courses), and program administration and evaluation (2 courses).

All courses in this two-year program are available completely online and run every 7 weeks, allowing you to focus on most courses one at a time.

Core MED Courses 11 Credits

  • EDM500 Research for the Professional Educator (3 credits)

  • EDM501 Contemporary Issues in American Education (3 credits)

  • EDM517 Models of Effective Teaching and Planning (3 Credits)

  • EDM565 Educational Research Seminar (2 credits)

Coaching Concentration Courses 21 Credits

  • EMC 520 Creating Community: Maximizing Social Benefits in the Sport Environment (3 SH)

  • EMC 521 Coaching Ethics and Leadership (3 SH)

  • EMC 522 Coaching Better: Facilitating Sport Skill Acquisition & Developmentally Appropriate Training Programs (3 SH)

  • EMC 523 Whole Athlete Development: Off the Field Elements for Athletic Success (3 SH)

  • EMC 524 Safety Training for Coaches (3 SH)

  • EMC 525 Administration & Evaluation of Sport Programs (3 SH)

  • EMC 526 Coaching, Teaching & Team Development (3 SH)

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Meet the Faculty:

Jenn Miller

Director of Professional Development & Graduate Outreach, School of Education and Bloomboard Student Success Advisor

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