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Teacher Tuesdays: Rachel Siegel| Event

Human Centered Design Thinking is a creative problem solving approach that begins with deeply understanding your students’ needs and ends with new solutions that empower you as an educator as well as your students. In this interactive session, educators will become familiar with the design process and engage with it as learners.

Given the challenges in today’s classrooms, special focus will be given on how to use Human Centered Design Thinking to experiment towards solutions that meet your unique classroom needs.  Read more about this mindset to problem-based learning from the NEA.

  • About the presenter: Rachel Siegel is an educator who creates joyful experiences + meaningful connections in communities large and small. As a licensed school counselor, she has worked as a student advocate in secondary schools in Northeast Ohio and South America. Rachel is an experienced human-centered designer who is currently managing school redesign efforts through Lakeland Community College's Chapter of The Teachers Guild x School Retool. Additionally, she collaborates with global design and innovation company, IDEO, on design thinking programming for educators.