School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics recognized by Ohio House of Representatives


Photo of AwardThe Ohio House of Representatives has recognized the LEC School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics for receiving the 2018 Friends of Science Award from Partners in Science Excellence on January 9.

Representatives John M. Rogers and Ron Young of House District 60 and Clifford A. Rosenberger, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, signed an official document saluting faculty, especially Dean Johnathan Tedesco, PhD, on this achievement.

“The Lake Erie College School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has distinguished itself as an institution built on the highest standards, for it has been a worthy advocate of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education,” they said. “Over the years, this fine center of higher learning has earned the respect and appreciation of its students by hosting PSE workshops and grant symposiums, and its noteworthy accomplishments clearly demonstrate the lasting impact the school has made on the quality of life in our society.”

They continued, “It is through the commitment of such dedicated educators, who are willing to help individuals pursue their professional goals, that our state continues to grow and prosper. Thus, with genuine pride, we congratulate Lake Erie College School of Natural Science and Mathematics on its accolade and salute its values faculty and staff as fine Ohioans.” Faculty members take a group photo

Our faculty continue to drive science education through recent Opioid Outreach and Education Evenings addressing the current public health crisis and Run for the Swamp, a 5k held to raise funds for the Lake Erie College Environmental Research Center at Morgan Swamp.

For more information about this recognition or the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, contact Dr. Johnathan Tedesco at

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