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  2. LEC Hosts Fulbright Scholar Dr. Meg McFetridge

LEC Hosts Fulbright Scholar Dr. Meg McFetridge

Lake Erie College is proud to host Fulbright Visiting Scholar Dr. Meg McFetridge on October 27. Her lecture – titled “Enhancing Stem Cell Therapy with Fundamental Mechanobiology” – is about how cells host and absorb mechanical information.

“Mechanobiology is a multidisciplinary field of study on the relationships between life and the mechanical environment,” Dr. McFetridge expands in a statement. “Through my research I ask: what can a cell feel? How does it encode this mechanical information? And what is the response?”

Dr. McFetridge is a visiting scholar from Australia, and one of the many scholars working with the Fulbright Scholar Program. The Fulbright Scholar program allows professionals from other countries to speak at colleges around the U.S., as a way to promote academic disciplines and cultural understanding. In addition to her lecture on October 27th, Dr. McFetridge will be visiting various classes and meeting with the campus community from October 26th – 28th.

Lake Erie College is hosting this event with help from the Outreach Learning Fund (OLF). Awarded by the Fulbright Scholar Program, the OLF funds Fulbright Scholar Visits to colleges like LEC, with the hope of encouraging future visits while exposing students to accomplished academics.

Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dr. Johnathan Tedesco with LEC staff members Eric Evans and Leslie Ray were tasked to pick a scholar. Dr. McFetridge’s work stood out to Dr. Tedesco because of her deep experience with scientific research.

“I am most excited about her being a strong woman contributor to significant scientific research and being able to empower our students through her experience and work,” Dr. Tedesco said.

Empowering students and exposing them to various guest lecturers like Dr. McFetridge is a great example of how LEC sets students up for success. Dr. Tedesco hopes that this inspires students to seek out similar opportunities during their college career.

“I hope that the students will gain an appreciation for the importance of not only prioritizing academics, but being strategic with their co- and extra-curricular activities in a way that helps them position themselves for success in their respective career goals,” Dr. Tedesco said.

Eric Evans, Director of Career Development, Experiential Learning and Study Abroad, agreed with Dr. Tedesco’s statements.

“We’re aiming to raise awareness in our campus community of the Fulbright Program,” Evans said.

Both Evans and Dr. Tedesco are optimistic that they’ll be able to host more Fulbright Scholars in the future. “We are hoping to make this an annual occurrence,” Dr. Tedesco said. “To help drive a more academic culture and curiosity on our campus.”

More Information

Students and members of the LEC Campus Community can attend Dr. Meg McFetridge’s lecture on October 27 in Austin Hall at 7:00 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to RSVP here.

Questions can be directed to:

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Director of Career Development and Experiential Learning and Study Abroad

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Assistant Director of Human Resources

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