If you are looking for an outstanding educational experience, chances are Lake Erie College has a major that fits your interests. We offer a variety of academic programs that are constructed with a core component of liberal arts courses. By providing a broad sense of knowledge of the world around you, it is this liberal arts foundation that will empower and prepare you to deal with the diversity, complexity and change necessary to excel in the 21st century, as well as in the specific studies of your chosen field or career.

Lake Erie College currently offers 35 undergraduate majors, 26 undergraduate minors, as well as programs of concentration and licensure in addition to graduate programs leading to a master's degree in business administration, education and physician assistant studies.

Undecided? Our diverse course offerings provide an opportunity to explore your options and determine how your interests, passion and skills mark the path to your career.

One College, Five Schools: The Academic Programs at Lake Erie College are organized into five different schools, each housing a particular group of majors and minors that complement one another. Depending on where your interests lie, you may find yourself in more than one school, taking advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education.

The School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is a community of intellectual and artistic individuals contained within 10 departments and also includes the general education requirements for all undergraduate majors. Fine arts, modern foreign languages, psychology, and integrated media, digital art & technology are just a few of the majors represented in this school. See a complete list of majors offered within the School of Arts, Humanities & Social Science.

The School of Business provides a variety of options designed to prepare students to take their place in the world of business. The College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), and whether you are interested in becoming a CPA, exploring the world of forensic accounting, providing human resource guidance for an organization, managing and marketing an athletic facility to fine-tuning your entrepreneurial spirit, the School of Business offers a solid foundation in management and practical business applications including majors in business administration, accounting and finance. See a complete list of majors offered within the School of Business.

Faculty and staff within The School of Education and Professional Studies are committed to assisting students who are interested in helping others realize their potential. Home to education majors, students enjoy the opportunity to work with schools, communities, organizations, children and families, as well as local business and industry. Education majors have a choice of concentration in Early Childhood, AYA and Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist. See a complete list of majors and concentrations offered within the School of Education and Professional Studies.

Home to one of the oldest equestrian programs in the country and proudly boasting the 2011 National IDA Championship Team, The School of Equine Studies at Lake Erie College is a flagship program. Equine studies provides opportunity to develop skills necessary for equine facility management, teacher/trainer careers and therapeutic horsemanship. Programs in the School of Equine Studies also provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the equine industry in an effort to maximize successful business ventures. See a complete list of majors offered with the School of Equine Studies.

The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is an excellent choice for students interested in preserving natural resources, pursuing professional careers in math and science, moving on to graduate programs at medical schools or practicing in allied health or wellness care. Among the majors housed within this school students can explore biology, chemistry and mathematics as well as a number of related concentrations. See a complete list of majors offered within the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

One College, Four Learning Communities:
While at Lake Erie College, you can participate in one of our four Learning Communities. The Learning Communities are your opportunity to celebrate academic interests while being an active participant in experiential learning. Academic programming in the Learning Communities supports engagement within the campus community while at the same time promoting collaborative efforts among student groups. For more information about our Learning Communities click here.

Five Schools/Four Learning Communities One College/One Faculty:

Regardless of which school or learning community you call home, your experience at Lake Erie College will be enhanced by our outstanding faculty. We are proud of our faculty, of their many accomplishments and contributions to our community. We are also proud that our faculty know you, are engaged in your academic journey and take an active role in shaping your future. We are proud that students at Lake Erie College also know their professors. Undergraduate students are the main focus on campus and as such, have opportunities to participate with faculty members in lab experiments, research presentations and field work. Our faculty are focused on you, the student, and are ready to assist as you begin your academic journey.