Science, Health and the Environment Learning Community

Students in the Science, Health, and the Environment Learning Community are poised to explore the wonders of science. Within this community, students will begin their journey toward a career as a physician, nurse, pharmacist, veterinarian, biologist, chemist, environmental scientist, physical therapist or mathematician.

What our students are saying:

"The most enjoyable and helpful part of the experience was [the visit] to the Cleveland Museum of Art. I loved being able to see the math in the beautiful paintings and sculptures."

"The Science, Health and the Environment Learning Community helped me to gain a better understanding of math and science and how they are seen in nature."

"[Being a part of this learning community] has allowed me to develop friends with the same interests as mine and learn about cool ways math is involved with the campus. The friends I developed have been some of my best friends and probably will remain so."

"I know that without my Learning Community class I would not have attended a lot of the campus activities. Now that I have been more involved it makes me want to take part in other activities outside of class requirement."