Senior Emily Petsche ’18 gives Geauga County Public Library a media boost


Emily Petsche ’18 began college with a faint notion of her future career path. Now a senior, Petsche is a part-time marketing assistant at Geauga County Public Library (GCPL). Consider that strategic leap from her brief summer stint as social media marketing intern.

When the commuter enrolled at Lake Erie College, she fancied a career in the business world. “After starting as a finance major, I knew that it wasn't the right fit,” she said. “I enjoyed marketing courses at Lake Erie, and I liked being able to express my creativity, so I switched my major to marketing, and I'm really glad that I did.”

An up-and-coming media maven, she photographs shareable moments for the library’s social media accounts and is currently creating a video for the library’s upcoming visit of 9/11 survivor and New York Times best-selling author Michael Hingson, said Lori Weber, marketing manager at the GCPL. On Sept. 6, Hingson will share how he escaped the World Trade Center with his seeing-eye dog, Africa.

Weber called Petsche “a fantastic addition to the team.” Continuing, she said, “She's been able to incorporate a lot of ideas that engage and inspire our patrons by involving them in social media posts. She's an editor of our Club Ink blog, which links what people are reading, listening or watching that pertains to their interests to items in the library collection.”

Aside from updating the library’s pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr, she had the chance to help develop Club Ink, which the GCPL advertises as “an engaging series of events and workshops celebrating culture and the written and spoken word.” The program includes events, presentations and writing workshops run by award-winning and published authors – nine, so far. The LEC student compiled information for press releases about the programming.

“This was an internship in the field that I wanted to be in and it was working for an organization that I knew and loved,” said Petsche, for whom the library carved out a special position.

The Chardon native formed an initial bond with the library when she shelved books at her local branch in Chardon. After more than two years, she felt compelled to stay longer.

Her boss liked the sound of that.

She passed Petsche’s internship proposal along to her superior, and the rest is Lake Erie College history.

The daughter of Beth Petsche ’92 and the sister of Michelle Burkett ’14, she is a proper legacy. “Both my mother and sister attended LEC, found success and enjoyed it here. I figured that if they liked it, I probably would too,” she said. “I prefer smaller classroom experiences to large lecture halls filled with hundreds of people. I like being able to get to know the teachers and ask their advice.”

At the College, Petsche serves as a distinguished scholar and leader on Mortar Board and has earned a spot on the Dean’s List. Here, marketing instructors introduced her to industry lingo. In her social and digital media marketing course, she learned how companies use social media and the best practices for various platforms.

“Because of this course, I was able to jump right in and start creating posts for the library's social media,” said Petsche, who offers simple yet handy advice. “Go to class. Pay attention. Do the work necessary.”

Now, in her senior year, she has definite ideas about where she can use her talents: the entertainment industry. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Walt Disney World? Eventually.

“I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the library and learning new things each day,” she said.

Want a success story like hers? Contact Eric Evans, director of student career development and experiential learning, at or visit for more information about internships and other exciting opportunities for students at LEC.

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