Senior Robert Browning conducts research in mathematics


While the thought of complex algebra makes many people cringe, Lake Erie College mathematics major Robert Browning can’t get enough. A senior at the College, Robert has spent several semesters exploring how to go from points to a vector, standard vectors, basis vectors, matrix transformations, and group properties.

What began as a research assignment in MT323 Linear Algebra extended into research for MT342 Abstract Algebra and culminated in a senior research project under the guidance of Assistant Professor Betty Clifford.

Titled “The Hip Bone is Connected to the… 3D Mapping and Movement Through R^3 Space on an R^2 Plane, Using Excel,” Robert’s research details how the various vector concepts and matrix transformations can be used to develop 3D models for use in video games and other sources of media.

"Robert is an exceptional person and student," said Professor Clifford. "It is a privilege to work with him." 

Robert presented his research at the Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference at Youngstown State University in February. He will also be taking part in the Mathematical “Mini-Con” hosted by Lake Erie College and Lakeland Community College on April 22.

All of us at Lake Erie College are incredibly proud of Robert and his achievements.

For more information on Robert’s research, contact Professor Clifford at

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