Student Profile: Ashlee Tomaszewski

Ashlee Tomaszewski is a sophomore from Painesville Township- right down the street from Lake Erie College. She is a graduate of Riverside High School and at Lake Erie she majors in early childhood education and psychology. Apart from academics she is also involved with the yoga club on campus and is currently in the process of joining the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Ashlee says she chose to attend LEC because she liked the small class size, the friendly atmosphere and the close relationships she can build with her professors, who know her by name. She is also a member of the Service, Policy and the Law Learning Community.

What is your favorite thing about LEC?

My favorite thing about LEC is that eventually you get to know just about everyone and it becomes a really tight knit community, especially through the Learning Community classes.

What do you enjoy the most about being a part of a Learning Community?

I enjoy the fact that anyone can choose any community based on what they are interested in and not simply relating it to one's major. It's a great opportunity to go to events and step outside of your comfort zone while connecting with friends and like-peers.

How has the LC experience changed your career at LEC and beyond?

For me it has changed my career here because I was offered to become the student leader for my Learning Community-Service, Policy and the Law-and it really gave me a sense of pride and confidence. Not only that, but I have learned great learning skills to challenge others with. Also, the experience has opened my eyes to new and exciting things and I look forward to making many more memories in the future as a Learning Community member.