Strategic planning update from the president


Dear campus community,

Since my last email to campus on October 20, our 2018-2021 strategic planning process has continued to make progress. Thanks to the work many of you completed as members of the steering committees for our 2018-2021 strategic plan, I am pleased to announce we have newly approved mission and vision statements, as well as approved strategic goals! These statements and goals are available here:

The Board of Directors approved the mission and vision statements as well as our 17 strategic goals at their extensive planning retreat on October 27. Our next step in this process is to develop specific annual action steps that will advance each of these goals over our plan’s three-year timeline.

I invite everyone to an open session on Thursday, November 9 at 2:30 p.m. in Dickinson Auditorium to hear more about how we envision this process unfolding, including desired deadlines and content requirements.

At this session, I’ll discuss how each division of the College will help create the specific tasks we must complete to bring our goals to fruition. Following this discussion, I’ll want each division (including Faculty Senate and Staff Senate) to meet to discuss the goals in this plan. Please begin thinking about which specific, measurable steps will be most effective for you and for all of us to meet these goals together.

I look forward to continuing working with each of you as we inclusively and comprehensively establish the action steps that will lead Lake Erie College forward.


Brian D. Posler, PhD
Lake Erie College
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