Summer Semester at LEC

Looking to catch up on course credits or simply get ahead? Need to boost your GPA? Want a chance to focus exclusively on a trickier course?

Take advantage of Lake Erie College’s expanded summer course schedule. With both on-campus and online options, the summer semester at LEC offers a convenient and affordable way for you to achieve your goals.  

Benefits of the summer semester:

  • Stay on track to graduate in 4 years (or sooner!).
  • Increase your LEC grade point average - only LEC courses are factored into your LEC GPA.
  • Save money - taking 2 courses per summer for 2 summer semesters would earn you the same amount of credits as a standard full-time semester at less than half the cost of full-time tuition!

Three summer sessions are available:

  • Session E: 13 weeks (May 10 - August 8)
  • Session A: 1st 6 weeks (May 15 - June 26)
  • Session B: 2nd 6 weeks (June 27 - August 8)

Tuition for the summer semester is only $499 per credit hour (plus a $55 fee for science courses with a lab). This rate offers more than a $300 savings from the standard semester. Save time and money by making the most of your summer at LEC!

Registration for the summer semester opens April 3.

Course Schedules


Transient Students pdf-logo.gif (15×15)
Current Students
Admitted Freshman & Transfer Students - Call 440.375.7050 or email us at to apply.


Summer Term Billing Due                              May 1 (M)
Session A (6 weeks)                                        May 15-June 26
Classes Begin                                                  May 15 (M)
Drop-Add period ends                                    May 15 (M)
Memorial Day (no classes)                             May 29 (M)
Last Day to Withdraw “W”                             June 9 (F)
Last Day of Class                                            June 26 (M)
Grades Due                                                      June 30 (F), 8:00 am
Session B (6 weeks)                                         June 27 – August 8
Classes Begin                                                   June 27 (T)
Drop-Add period ends                                     June 27 (T)
Fourth of July (no classes)                              July 4 (T)                   
Last Day to Withdraw “W”                               July 21 (F)
Last Day of Class                                              August 8 (T)
Grades Due                                                        August 14 (M), 8:00 am

Session E (13 weeks)                                      May 10-August 8

Classes Begin                                                  May 10 (W)
Drop-Add period ends                                    May 10 (W)
Memorial Day (no classes)                             May 29 (M)
Last Day to Withdraw “W”                                July 3 (M)
Fourth of July (no classes)                             July 4 (T)
Last Day of Class                                             August 8 (T)
Grades Due                                                       August 14 (M), 8:00 am


Summer undergraduate tuition is $499 per credit hour. Financial aid for summer semester classes generally requires at least half-time enrollment (6 semester hours) and often will be limited to federal direct student or parent loans or private loans.

Students may apply for financial assistance by filing the 2017-2018 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at

Transient students (guest students who are enrolled as degree-seeking students elsewhere) should contact their home school for financial aid related questions.

For additional financial aid information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid by calling 440-375-7100.