Lake Erie College is excited to announce a new undergraduate program, leading to teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) endorsement in the state of Ohio. The school of education is pleased to be one of the first colleges in the state to offer this endorsement at the undergraduate level.

The program consists of 18 credit hours taken through six courses, including a semester-long practicum which can be completed while student teaching.

The state of Ohio requires 100 Field Hours. These hours are integrated throughout the coursework and in the final practicum. A minimum score of 220 on the OAE 021 English to Speakers of Other Languages Exam is required for the endorsement.

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  • EML 401 Sociocultural Awareness in the classroom (3 SH)
  • EML 402 Second Language Acquisition and Development (3 SH)
  • EML 403 Methods and Materials for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Lang (3 SH)
  • EML 404 Linguistics (3 SH)
  • EML 405 Assessment and Evaluation (3 SH)
  • EML 412 TESOL Practicum and Seminar (3 SH)


EML 401 Sociocultural Awareness in the classroom (3 SH)

This course focuses on strategies of integrating various cultural views and patterns into the curriculum by examining materials. The course will seek to create positive attitudes by improving intercultural awareness and developing cross-cultural communication skills. This course will also include an overview of the legal decisions which impact the education of English learners in the United States.

EML 402 Second Language Acquisition and Development (3 SH)

This course will provide an overview of language learning processes and their applicability to second language aquisitition. Students will develop an awareness of techniques for instruction including strategies for teaching reading, pronunciation, and vocabulary of American English. This course will emphasize process, sequence, and actual methods and strategies teachers can use to design and develop effective lessons.

EML 403 Methods and Materials for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Lang (3 SH)

This course offers an analysis of ESOL instructional materials, methods, learning theories, and applications for grades K-12. Development and implementation of age-appropriate materials, standards-based lesson plans and use of age-appropriate technology are integrated into the course. Ohio English Language Proficiency Standards for Limited English Proficient Students (LEPs) are emphasized.

EML 404 Linguistics (3 SH)

This course will introduce teachers to linguistic terminology and the study of linguistics including English phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, language acquisition in children and language variation. Practical applications of linguistic knowledge in and ESL/ bilingual classroom situation (e.g., phonetics, comparative linguistics, error analysis, corrective pronunciation, etc.) are presented for all age groups and levels.

EML 405 Assessment and Evaluation (3 SH)

This course will analyze testing theory and practice with regard to English language learners. Students will examine formal and informal tests of language proficiency for identification and progress monitoring. Students will design standards-based assessments for use in the classroom. Analysis and interpretation of test data as it pertains to language acquisition will be integrated into this course. Students will be introduced to the guidelines for referral and testing of English language learners with suspected disabilities.

EML 412 TESOL Practicum and Seminar (3 SH)

This course is a culminating practicum with direct interaction between the candidate and ELL students which summarizes and evaluates student learning throughout the program. The course design stresses "reflective teaching" and allows students time and opportunity to contemplate their personal teaching philosophy and approaches. The course will include a final project consisting of either research or classroom investigation. Other possible practicum projects include: developing curriculum, evaluating an ESL/ bilingual program, developing diagnostic instruments, etc. The candidates are supervised by experienced, licensed teachers with a TESOL endorsement.

There are several pathways to the TESOL Endorsement at the undergraduate level, below are three examples of 4 year plans.

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