The Cleveland Foundation’s Fenn Educational Fund awards $25,000 grant to Lake Erie College


Lake Erie College is proud to announce the receipt of a grant from the Fenn Educational Fund of the Cleveland Foundation, a charitable organization seeking to enhance the lives of all residents of Greater Cleveland. Totaling $25,000, the Fenn grant will support Be Empowered: College to Career (C2C), a college to career curriculum program benefitting Lake Erie College students throughout their college careers and beyond. 

The Be Empowered: C2C initiative aims to distinguish Lake Erie College as an institution that  uniquely supports an educational outcome of value to students through a successful transition to post-college life. This will be accomplished by mobilizing and energizing the Lake Erie College alumni network in collaboration with members of the faculty and staff, promoting Lake Erie College as a preferred source of outstanding candidates for employers in a wide variety of fields, strengthening employer relationships, and developing new ones.

Another aim is to build a career development culture that looks beyond “first job placement results” and supports college-wide efforts to teach skills required for lifetime employability in a dynamic and unpredictable world. Among the focus areas of this grant are to draw direct links to Lake Erie College’s CORE – Checkpoints on Your Road to Empowerment General Education program to the needs of students as they prepare for the workforce.

As the only four-year liberal arts college in Lake County, Lake Erie College is committed to providing a personalized education that empowers each student to lead a life of significance professionally and socially. To achieve this goal, the grant will support the College’s signature Empowerment philosophy students along four key dimensions: self-discovery, personal attributes, having regard for others, and creative problem solving. As an early project of the grant, all first-year students will take part in colloquia framed around four success themes: communication, creative and critical thinking, community, and planning.

In addition to the development of academic components and colloquia opportunities, the Be Empowered: C2C project will create key outcomes measures to ensure internship effectiveness and to plan for the future. The College has also purchased a subscription to Graduway, a leading provider of alumni networking platforms, to ensure that its alumni records are up to date and to help maximize the utilization of Lake Erie College’s vibrant alumni, especially in Greater Cleveland, to create more internship opportunities.

Altogether, the Be Empowered: C2C program will mobilize the College’s alumni network, promote LEC as a preferred source of outstanding candidates, strengthen employer relationships, build an institutional capacity for internship placement, and actively build a career development culture that will serve the needs of our students.

Dr. Bryan DePoy, vice president for academic affairs and chief academic officer, will serve as the program’s facilitator. Dr. DePoy has significant experience in planning and facilitating, and is responsible for overseeing the College’s career services department.

For over 40 years, the Fenn Educational Fund of the Cleveland Foundation has concentrated on promoting and assisting cooperative education and internship programs at higher education institutions in Greater Cleveland. Specifically, Fenn seeks to connect faculty members, students, and businesses in sustainable cooperative education and internship programs that couple classroom learning with hands-on, real world experience.

For more information on Be Empowered: C2C at Lake Erie College, contact Dr. DePoy at

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