Dual Major: Mild to Moderate Licensure and Therapeutic Riding Horsemanship

The Therapeutic Horsemanship/Special Education Dual Degree is designed for students who have an interest in positively affecting the quality of life of individuals with special needs. Therapeutic Horsemanship is a respectful and beneficial relationship between a person with a need and a specially selected horse, guided by a trained, experienced and credentialed equine professional. Through the Special Education coursework the student will learn about the characteristics of various disability categories as well as specific strategies to assist them in the classroom and beyond. A graduate of these two programs is poised to work as a licensed intervention specialist (grades K-12) with the additional qualifications to lead and engage in equine-assisted activities and therapies for persons with special needs.

SPED TR Dual Major 5 Year Plan word-logo.gif (15×15)