Thomas Scarberry

Thomas Scarberry, Class of 2016, Chemistry

A self-described outdoorsman, Thomas Scarberry of Madison, Ohio is a member of the Class of 2016 here at Lake Erie College. The avid hunter and fisherman is on track to graduate this spring with his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry.

Like many of our students, Thomas was drawn to Lake Erie College because of the small class sizes it offered. "I wanted the opportunity to participate in class with my peers, and I have certainly gotten it," he said. "With such small classes students become close to one another, so there is a great support system. Even in challenging courses, there is always someone to help you out."

In his time here, Thomas's favorite thing about LEC has been his relationships with his professors. "The professors I've had here are always willing to share their stories about their own journeys in academia," he said. "They are always willing to lend a helping hand if you are struggling in a course."

Thomas's love of science follows him outside the classroom as well. He is currently interning with Morton Salt, Inc., an experience giving him firsthand exposure to the mining industry, and he is in the process of starting up several different clubs on campus. "I am working with Dr. Tedesco to begin a wine and brew masters club, with Dr. Williams to begin a physics club, and with Dr. West and Dr. Tedesco to create a student chapter of the American Chemistry Society," he said. "I'm looking forward to seeing these clubs come to life."

In five years, Thomas anticipates that he will be finishing up his graduate studies or working on interesting projects with a successful chemical company. He's not sure whether he wants to pursue his Ph.D. or venture into industry, but he plans to explore his options throughout his senior year and take the necessary steps toward his future.

As someone whose favorite stories in college are almost all from his time spent on the third floor of Austin Hall of Science, Thomas encourages prospective students to consider studying the sciences at Lake Erie College. "LEC has a very strong science program and amazing professors to go along with each major," he said. "The professors are willing to help guide you and prepare you for whatever career path you choose!"