Oct, 1930 Alumna Dawn Powell's book, "Dance Night", was published.

Oct, 1930 Polo was added as a pastime at LEC.

Mar, 1931 The College began to accept day students from Painesville and the vicinity.

May 15, 1931 The LEC Glee Club performed on WTAM, Cleveland radio.

Sep 15, 1931 Alumna Dawn Powell sold her un-produced play to a film corporation which named it "Walking Down Broadway."

Jun 10, 1934 LEC celebrated its 75th year, 50th anniversary of the Alumni Association, and 25th anniversary for President Vivian Small.

Jun 14, 1934 First honorary degrees were conferred.

Jul 24, 1934 Sixteen traveling girl campers stopped for the night at LEC.

Sep, 1934 LEC began to conduct nursery school on campus due to community requests.

Jan, 1935 Tuition was $800 for the year.

Feb 1, 1935 Night classes were offered at LEC.

Mar 16, 1935 Two local men were permitted to enroll at LEC for select courses. They were brothers.

Oct 26, 1935 LEC began to offer an aviation program as part of its physical education curriculum.

Nov, 1935 A Peace Rally was conducted in the chapel on campus.

Mar 14, 1936 Olympic swimmers and divers presented an exhibition in the College pool.

Jul, 1936 Newspapers ran a human interest story about the campus collie, "Grandpa," who barked at the kitchen door at 5:15 pm every day to be fed at the College table.

Oct 29, 1936 Amelia Earhart spoke to students on campus.

Aug 2, 1937 The Cleveland Rams football team used Lake Erie's campus as a place to practice.

Nov 22, 1937 LEC was prominently featured on Ashtabula's new radio station, WICA.

Dec 6, 1937 LEC women devoted their energy to "Ski-Joring" in which one woman rode a horse, while the other one was pulled behind on her skis.

May 16, 1938 LEC women competed in a table setting competition at the May Co.

Jun 14, 1938 LEC broadcasted its commencement over the radio for the first time.

Dec 5, 1938 LEC added 10 acres to the east of campus when it purchased the Knox property.

Jan 13, 1939 LEC English professor Howard Baker helped compile and publish a dictionary of prison slang.

Apr 15, 1939 LEC student and world class swimmer Helen Perry won the U.S. swim title in the 100-yard backstroke.

May 20, 1939 Tennis star Alice Marble visited LEC for an exhibition.

Dec 1, 1939 A training plane for the aviation program was christened at Lost Nation Airport.

Dec 7, 1939 A 12-year-old boy organist performed at LEC.