Feb 9, 1940 Famous newspaper correspondent, H.R. Knickerbocker, spoke on campus.

Feb 18, 1940 Seventeen-year-old student, Patsy Donovan, captured the Ohio State Women's Badminton Championship

Apr 30, 1940 Alumna and novelist, Dawn Powell, spoke on campus

May 31, 1940 The first three Lake Erie women to complete the Civil Aviation Authority pilot training program passed their final flight test.

Dec 22, 1940 Lake Erie women knitted sweaters for the British who were at war.

Sep 1, 1941 Dr. Vivian Small, president of the College from 1909-1941, retired.

Nov 1, 1941 Dr. Helen Bragdon was formally inducted as Lake Erie's president.

Feb 10, 1942 Lake Erie tennis instructor and Wimbledon champ, Dorothy Round Little, lived in a trailer on campus with her three-year-old son after she was run out of England due to the war.

Feb 20, 1942 Colleges felt enrollment drops, but Lake Erie experienced a six percent increase.

Mar 7, 1942 Lake Erie women entertained and hosted 30 coast guard men in the college gymnasium.

Mar 20, 1942 Lake Erie announced a program to help speed up the education process so women could assist with wartime needs.

Mar 17, 1943 An Air Raid Protection course was offered at the College.

Jul 17, 1943 Camp Tiber, a Girl Scout Day Camp, was held on campus and was the first of its kind in the Painesville area.

Dec 15, 1943 Students remodeled the gymnasium space in the basement of College Hall to include a "Date Room."

Feb 22, 1944 World-famous violinist Albert Spaulding played on campus and tickets were $2.20.

Feb 23, 1944 Dr. YC Yang, former Chinese government official and Lake Erie visiting professor, gave his first lecture on campus.

Feb 1945 The College hosted the Aviation Institute for Women.

May 15, 1946 Former Lake Erie College president Vivian Small passed away.

May 8, 1948 Trees fell during a major windstorm, breaking several windows in the College dormitory.

Oct 12, 1948 President Helen Bragdon attended Columbia University's inauguration of its president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Oct 28, 1948 Lake Erie College commemorated its 90th year.

Oct 30, 1948 Lake Erie announced its expansion program for the "Institute of Learning."

Jan 25, 1949 The College launched a campaign for the Garfield Center building and the goal was to raise $300,000.

May 22, 1949 Lightning struck the steeple of College Hall and slightly damaged the roof.

Jul 16, 1949 Alfred T. Hill was named vice president of Lake Erie and placed in charge of the 10-year development plan.

Nov 29, 1949 Lake Erie seniors pledged $500 to purchase a 1946 station wagon.

Dec 11, 1949 A small fire started in the basement of College Hall.