Feb 1950 The synchronized swimming club chose the name "Dwan" as the women felt they were a cross between a duck and a swan.

Mar 22, 1950 James R. Garfield, president of the Lake Erie board of trustees on which he served for 42 years, died. He was the son of U.S. President James A. Garfield.

Apr 19, 1950 Dr. Helen D. Bragdon resigned as president of Lake Erie to become general director of the American Association of University Women.

Apr 28, 1950 Dwan, the synchronized swimming club, presented their first public performance.

Jun 8, 1950 Groundbreaking for the Garfield Center occurred.

Aug 31, 1950 Senator Robert A. Taft spoke on campus.

Sep 1950 The College offered a part-time student option.

Sep 11, 1950 Mathews House was purchased by Clinger Chevrolet Co.

Sep 15, 1950 Vice President Alfred T. Hill became interim president.

Nov 1950 A Dads' Club was formed at Lake Erie and  Lake Erie College planned the first Dads' Weekend.

Mar 20, 1951 An appeal went out to move the Mathews House to the College's campus from its original North State Street lot with an estimated cost of the project was $20,000.

Apr 6, 1951 Dr. Paul Weaver was named first male president of Lake Erie College.

Jun 13, 1951 Alfred T. Hill resigned his presidency.

Aug 16, 1951 Lake Erie College became a member of the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges.

Sep 1951 Lake Erie started a cooperative nursing program with St. Luke's School of Nursing.

Oct 27, 1951 Dr. Paul S. Weaver was inaugurated as sixth president of the College.

Nov 12, 1951 Franklin H. Kendall, well-known Painesville educator, donated the Thomas W. Harvey Library to the College upon his death. The collection consisted of approximately 2,500 volumes.

Jan 1952 Lake Erie was the first American college to send its entire junior class abroad.

Feb 11, 1952 The Division of Extension Education launched its program of evening classes.

May 25, 1952 James F. Lincoln, president of Lincoln Electric Co, was elected president of the college board of trustees.

Jun 10, 1952 Lake Erie College adopted a three-term-year.

Oct 26, 1952 The Garfield Center was dedicated.

Mar 5, 1953 The first production of Lake Erie College Community Theater Group occurred.

Apr 11, 1953 Riding classes were offered to community members for the first time.

Jun 15, 1953 Star of the television show "Mama," Peggy Wood, received an honorary degree from the College.

Feb 17, 1954 Five European study centers were established by President Weaver.

Apr 16, 1954 Former Lake Erie student won $20,000 for coming up with the name for Swan Soap.

May 10, 1954 Groundbreaking occurred for Avery Hall.

Jun 21, 1954 The first summer session began.

Apr 16, 1956 Groundbreaking occurred for Ritter Hall.

Dec 12, 1956 Ford Foundation awarded a grant for faculty salaries.

Apr 13, 1957 At 2 a.m., fire destroyed Memorial Hall and damaged the west wing of College Hall.

Apr 29, 1957 A benefit was held to help students who lost their personal belongings in the Memorial Hall fire.

Aug 1, 1957 The steel framework for Avery Hall was completed.

Oct 6, 1957 Tara III, the campus yacht, made its maiden voyage.

Feb 12, 1958 An announcement was made about the construction of a new common building.

May 17, 1958 A small fire on the second floor of College Hall was put out by sprinklers.

Jul 9, 1958 The College acquired Morley Farm for $231,275.

Aug 1958 President Weaver moved his family to the Manor House at Morley Farm.

Sep 1958 Fowler Hall opened as South Hall.

Oct 1, 1958 Students were housed in the old president's house (now Steele Mansion) due to increased enrollment.

Apr 7, 1959 A fire in Bentley Hall of Science caused damage.

Apr 25, 1959 Centennial convocation and dedication of Lincoln Commons occurred in 1959.

May 14, 1959 President Weaver kicked off $2 million building campaign.

Jun 2, 1959 Badge of Office is presented by Mrs. James S. Weaver.

Jun 6, 1959 A gift of a station wagon was donated to students from Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Austin.

Jun 16, 1959 Robert B. Lapp was the first male to graduate from Lake Erie College and attended the School of Community Education.

Sep 24, 1959 Lake Erie Extension College opened at Harvey High School and was the first effort at establishing a branch for a small private college.

Oct 17, 1959 Five hundred people gathered in Morley Music Hall for the 100th anniversary of the College.