Oct 6, 1960 Students went to a rally in Lake County to see U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon.

May 17, 1961 LEC women staged a protest about the quality of food on campus.

Jun 12, 1961 The Ingalls Infirmary was dedicated.

Oct 13, 1961 Dedication of Morley Farm Club occurred.

Dec, 1961 LEC offered an Associate of Arts degree.

Sep 19, 1962 LEC art professor Winston McGhee lost $20,000 worth of paintings while shipping them.

Jun 17, 1963 South Hall was renamed Fowler Hall for Margaret Bradfield Fowler.

Jun 17, 1963 Dr. Benjamin Spock addressed LEC graduates.

Sep 5, 1963 Gift of Grandmother Clock installed in Social Parlor from the class of 1913.

Sep 25, 1963 LEC opened a branch campus in Willoughby.

Apr, 1964 LEC was featured in "Seventeen" Magazine.

May 27, 1964 Groundbreaking occurred for Andrews (Tiber) Hall.

Oct 15, 1964 Wilcox place was sold.

Oct 30, 1964 Students moved from their temporary housing in the Ritchie Gymnasium to Tiber Hall.

Oct 31, 1964 Austin Hall of Science was dedicated.

Nov 22, 1964 Dedication of Conant Auditorium in Austin Hall of Science was held.

Nov 29, 1964 Announcement was made of the James F. Lincoln Library gift.

May 9, 1965 >Groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Lincoln Library.

Jun, 1965 Senator Margaret Chase Smith spoke to LEC graduates.

May 11, 1966 First Harriet B. Storrs lecture occurred with famous journalist Sander Vanocur as speaker.

Oct 29, 1966 The Lincoln Library was dedicated.

Dec 2, 1966 President Weaver announced tuition increase from $2,700 to $3,000.

Apr, 1967 LEC women played lacrosse in gym class.

May 2, 1967 Victor Christ-Janer, the architect for the Lincoln Library and the College, received the Reynolds Aluminum Award.

May 19, 1967 The first Alumnae Weekend was held.

Jun 8, 1967 The mural in the Austin Hall of Science was unveiled.

Jun 11, 1967 The baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies were combined.

Oct 2, 1967 President Weaver announced a master's degree program for elementary teachers.

Nov 27, 1967 A fire in Ritter Hall caused $500 in damages. No one was injured.

Apr 7, 1968 Lake Erie College was represented on the "GE College Bowl" on television, but the team lost.

Apr 26, 1968 The ground was broken for the Fine Arts Center.

Apr 29, 1968 President of the student body, Mary Ann Schuten, signed a statement with 500 student leaders protesting the Vietnam War.

Jun 7, 1968 The School of Community Education held its commencement separately for the first time.

Jun 26, 1968 Building permits were issued to build a Fine Arts Center, maintenance building and The Lodge.

Aug 18, 1968 Three hundred nut growers gathered at LEC for their annual meeting.

Sep 26, 1968 The dedication of The Lodge occurred.

Oct 21, 1968 Editor of LEC's campus newspaper and six other local campus newspapers voted to endorse Hubert Humphrey as U.S. presidential candidate.

Jan, 1969 LEC was featured in "Mademoiselle" magazine.

Mar 3, 1969 About 200 students met with President Weaver over their concerns about course curriculum.

Mar 12, 1969 LEC announced its addition of a M.A. in French to be obtained abroad.

May 16, 1969 Cleveland's Mayor Stokes spoke at LEC.

Jun 4, 1969 LEC was issued a permit to distribute 3.2 beer.

Jul 9, 1969 Male Lakeland graduates could obtain a four-year degree from Lake Erie College.

Oct 15, 1969 LEC students held a peaceful Vietnam War protest on campus.

Dec 16, 1969 The portrait of James F. Lincoln was formally accepted for the Lincoln Library.