Jan 16, 1970 Sebastian Cabot, star of "A Family Affair," came to LEC.

May, 1970 LEC held a "Week of Immersion" for the study of Southeastern Asia.

May 6, 1970 LEC closed for a day to mourn for the victims of the Kent State shootings.

May 16, 1970 The new Fine Arts Center opened its doors.

Jun 6, 1970 Fine Arts Center was formally dedicated.

Oct 3, 1970 Jeane Dixon, psychic, spoke to LEC students.

Apr 29, 1971 The Prix De Ville inaugurates the Equestrian Center.

Nov 25, 1971 An announcement was made that LEC would become the first American college to send students to Oxford University.

Mar, 1973 College Hall was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of Interior.

Mar 9, 1972 Plans were announced to start an elementary school on campus.

Apr 14, 1972 Cornerstone was laid for elementary school.

May 21, 1972 The Equestrian Center was formally dedicated as George Magoffin Humphrey Equestrian Center.

Aug, 1972 Bentley Hall of Science was torn down.

Sep, 1972 LEC elementary school opened its doors.

Nov 20, 1972 Pegasus, a riding program for disabled children, started at LEC.

Aug 11, 1974 Two men were arrested for cutting down a black walnut tree at Morley Farm.

May 11, 1975 Mortar Board was installed.

Jul 23, 1975 LEC hosted its first cheerleading clinic on campus.

Sep, 1975 LEC began a physician's assistant program.

Oct 21, 1975 Feminist Betty Freidan spoke at LEC.

Mar 11, 1976 President Dr. Paul Weaver announced his retirement.

Sep, 1976 Murray Library was rededicated as Kilcawley Center, having been renovated by funds from Anne Kilcawley Christman.

Dec 1, 1976 World-renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead spoke to an audience at LEC.

Jan 10, 1977 Classes were cancelled due to record snow fall.

Mar 4, 1977 College Community Theater celebrated its 25th year.

Apr 4, 1977 Ex-ambassador to Hungary, Alfred Puhan, visited LEC.

Apr 26, 1977 Charles E.P. Simmons was named seventh president of LEC.

May 2, 1977 Retired Senator Sam Ervin Jr. spoke to 600 people at LEC.

Oct 19, 1977 LEC broke ground for new physical education and community center.

Oct 31, 1977 President Simmons signed an agreement with Lakeland to share resources.

Dec 29, 1977 Former LEC president for 25 years, Paul Weaver passed away at age 70.

Apr, 1978 The Ohio State Supreme Court held sessions in Morley Music Hall in an effort to bring the court to the people. Over 1,200 people came to LEC to watch the high court's session.

Jun 11, 1978 College Hall was rededicated as Aaron Wilcox Memorial Building.

Jul 31, 1978 LEC started drilling for natural gas on campus due to an $80,000 heating bill the previous winter.

Aug, 1978 Weekend College for adults 25 and older was offered. Students would attend classes on alternate weekends to obtain a degree in three years.

Sep 22, 1978 The natural gas well on campus was completed.

Oct 23, 1978 First athletic event was played in the new Physical Education and Community Center.

Feb 16, 1979 Ex-Peace Corps chief, Carolyn R. Payton, spoke at LEC.

Mar 27, 1979 Esther Rolle, star of "Good Times," came to LEC to perform her show "Ain't I A Woman?"

Apr 6, 1979 "Big Chuck's," the campus pub, opened in the Lincoln Commons.

May 5, 1979 The Jane White Lincoln Center for Physical Education and Recreation was dedicated.

May 8, 1979 Feminist Dr. Sissy Farenthold spoke at the 120th commencement.

Jul 24, 1979 Dennis Kucinich toured LEC while it hosted an NFL summer camp for kids.

Aug, 1979 LEC offered tuition discounts to students who carpooled to campus. It was the campus effort to assist in the energy crisis.

Aug 10, 1979 President Simmons asked the campus community to participate in a "War on Weeds" due to the inability of the maintenance staff to remove weeds because of their busy summer schedule.