Apr 3, 1982 False bomb threat was called into College Hall.

Apr 17, 1982 Author Elizabeth Janeway spoke in Morley Music Hall.

Jun 12, 1982 President of NOW, Eleanor Smeal, spoke at commencement.

Jun 19, 1982 Community "Rainbow's End Festival" was held at Lake Erie.

Jun 23, 1982 LEC hosted the Cleveland Play House productions for the summer.

Oct, 1982 An LEC donor offered scholarships to twins who enrolled at LEC that funded education for one, so two students got educated for the price of one.

Apr 9, 1983 Former U.S. Representative Stanton archives and office replica were housed on the second floor of College Hall.

May 11, 1983 Renowned soprano Loretta Brundage-Johnson performed.

May 27, 1983 Phil Lamos attempted to break the world record by crawling 26.5 miles on LEC's track.

Jun, 1983 Ms. Margery Ainsworth retired from Lake Erie College after 51 years as a staff member.

Jun, 1983 LEC student D'Arcy Dentino successfully made the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. She earned $15.00 a game.

Aug 11, 1983 The community was invited to see LEC's $250,000 computer center located in Kilcawley Hall.

Jan 23, 1984 Congressman Dennis Eckert visited LEC to talk to Phillips Elementary.

Jan 30, 1984 A false bomb threat was called into College Hall.

Apr 17, 1984 LEC hosted the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

Apr 27, 1984 Tiberius II was smashed by vandals and the head was stolen.

Jul 1, 1984 President for seven years, Charles Simmons, resigned.

Jul 12, 1984 Dr. Marilyn Jones was appointed interim president while a presidential search was executed.

Oct 16, 1984 Ten students staged a sit-in to raise money for a new Tiberius.

Jan, 1985 LEC was featured in "Playboy Magazine" as one of the top places to meet women.

Jan 23, 1985 Sprinkler pipes burst in the attic of College Hall.

Sep 3, 1985 Edward Q. Moulton became eighth president of LEC.

Nov, 1985 The intention of merging with Garfield Senior College was announced. Men would commute, while women would continue to live on campus.

Nov 19, 1985 The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions were at the Equestrian Center for a show.

Nov 28, 1985 LEC women's basketball season was halted due to lack of players.

Jan 31, 1986 An earthquake shook LEC and broke windows in the Lincoln Commons.

Feb 13, 1986 Edward Q. Moulton ended his presidency.

May 25, 1986 First commencement was held combining Lake Erie College for Women and Garfield Senior College.

Jul 20, 1986 Clodus R. Smith was approved as new president of LEC.

Jan 22, 1987 Board of trustees voted to allow free tuition to those who are age 65 and older.

Apr 5, 1987 The 20th Prix De Villes was held at the Equestrian Center.

Apr 21, 1987 LEC formed a partnership to enable Lakeland grads to apply their credits toward a four-year degree at LEC.

May, 1987 Jane D. White Lincoln was inducted as the first member of the Lake Erie College Athletic Hall of Fame.

Oct, 1987 LEC offered a new campus ministry.

Nov 24, 1987 LEC made the announcement of expanding its athletic program to include more sports for men and women.

Jun 20, 1988 LEC had an auction to sell property at the Morley Farm.

Aug 6, 1988 LEC held a contest to name the men's sports teams. The women's teams were nicknamed the "Unicorns."

Sep 2, 1988 "2 for 1" program was offered to students 25 years and older. Students could take one class for free if they paid for a second class.

Sep 23, 1988 LEC announced the athletic nickname change for men's and women's teams to "Storm."

Sep 29, 1988 LEC assisted area agencies in the relocation of 20 Soviet families to the U.S. These families were escaping religious persecution.

Jan 25, 1989 LEC formed the first Community Chorus group.

Sep 29, 1989 LEC began its popular "Good Morning Lake Erie" series.