Apr, 1990 LEC President Smith traveled to Japan to re-establish a relationship with Kobe College.

Jun 29, 990 The Phillips School was sold to Jerry Osborne who renamed the school Phillips-Osborne. Phillips was sold for $1.1 million.

Aug, 1990 LEC offered Japanese as a course for the first time.

May 4, 1991 LEC women's softball won a national title.

May 5, 1991 The Ceremonial Mace made its first appearance at commencement.

May 5, 1991 The College Hall tower reconstruction was completed and rededicated.

Aug, 1991 LEC offered a paralegal program of study.

Mar 17, 1992 Dr. Clodus Smith left Lake Erie College after beginning his presidency in 1986.

Aug 16, 1992 Hal Laydon was unanimously voted by the board as LEC president.

Sep, 1992 The bell tower played music again.

Jan 8, 1993 LEC implemented an energy conservation program in conjunction with Honeywell Co.

Jan 21, 1993 LEC cancelled morning classes due to a water main break in Painesville.

Apr 1, 1993 Painesville Recreation moved its office to the old infirmary with the agreement it would update the building.

Mar 5, 1994 Five hundred demonstrators held a "Unity Rally" in Morley to counter the KKK rally in Painesville.

Mar 13, 1994 A rodeo was held in LEC's Equestrian Center.

Jun 12, 1996 Trees were cut in preparation for the razing of Lincoln Commons.

Aug 5, 1997 LEC announced a joint venture with WBKC to hold a weekly half hour radio show highlighting the campus and its people.

Aug 22, 1997 Food service started serving in the Holden Center.

Sep 20, 1997 The Holden Center was dedicated with a formal dinner and dance.

Nov 18, 1997 LEC began competing as a member of the AMCC (Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference).

Jan, 1998 The "Painesville Perk" opened in the Holden Center as a snack bar.

Aug 29, 1998 The 10th Manor House Cotillion was held.

Sep 3, 1998 Congressman LaTourette helped raise a flag on campus that flew over the U.S. Capital.

Jan 11, 1999 Morley Music Hall reopened for College use for the first time in 13 years.