Filing a Report/Duty to Report

Filing a Report

Any member of the College community (student, faculty, staff, volunteer or contractor), guest or visitor who believes that they have been the recipient of sexual harassment, interpersonal violence or some other form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX and wishes to make a complaint should contact the Title IX Coordinator in person, by email, or by phone. 

Billie Dunn, Vice President for Student Affairs/Title IX Coordinator
Holden Center, 120

Andrea Myers, Director of Human Resources
Kilcawley Hall, 358

Duty to Report

Most College employees receiving reports of a potential violation of this policy are responsible employees with a mandatory duty to report and are therefore expected to promptly contact the Title IX Coordinator, within one (1) business day of becoming aware of a report or incident. Only employees acting in their professional role and with a legal obligation to maintain confidentiality, such as counselors, doctors, nurses acting at the direction of a doctor, and clergy acting in those roles, are expected to maintain confidentiality consistent with their professional and legal obligations; those individuals are exempt from the reporting requirement.


All reports and complaints will be treated with the maximum possible privacy.  Subject to the College’s obligation to take action regarding violations, a reasonable effort will be made to maintain the privacy of those initiating a complaint or report of a possible violation.  In all cases, Lake Erie College directs and expects all personnel involved in resolution to be discreet during proceedings.  Information about a report is limited to those parties who have a legitimate need to know.  Parties involved are advised to maintain discretion and not engage in public discussion of the case.  The President’s Office will be kept apprised of the context and progress of the all investigations unless a conflict exists.  The Security Office has an obligation to report to the Painesville Policy Department any reported felony crimes, sexual assaults or any serious physical injury to people.  The College will give consideration to the reporting party with respect to how a possible violation is pursued, but the College reserves the right, when necessary to protect the community and the College, to investigate and pursue a resolution when the reporting party chooses not to initiate or participate in a formal complaint.

No person shall make an allegation that one knows to be untrue or knowingly provide false information during the course of an investigation. Making a false complaint or giving false information is a violation of the Lake Erie College Code of Conduct and may be a basis for conduct sanctioning, including expulsion or termination. Evidence of false complaints or false information shall be referred by the Title IX Coordinator to the appropriate office for investigation.