About Visual Communication & Graphic Design

"If anybody says they've figured this out right now, they haven't."

- Christina Norman, MTV's President

The Visual Communication & Graphic Design (VCGD) program is an interdisciplinary studio arts major in computer mediated art and design. Student courses include investigations into interactive and electronic objects and environments, multimedia, digital video, digital performance, experimental 3D computer graphics, animation, game design, art & technology, digital imaging, rapid prototyping, net art, installation, sound, emerging forms and new genres.

Digital Media continues to evolve, and therefore the opportunities in this field are numerous. Lake Erie College students will get the chance to be at the forefront of technology with this new major.

Students majoring in VCGD will learn to discover individual aesthetics and artistic vision through conceptualization, theory and an awareness of contemporary art and media that use advanced science and technology.

Students will be pushed to explore content and approaches that may not fit within traditional definitions of art or design. Advanced technologies are utilized as creative tools to explore new ideas for art projects, performances, or inventions. Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary experimentation that forges connections to other departments will be encouraged. Students can choose to go far beyond the minimum cross-collaboration and create a dance, music piece or theater performance utilizing a unique mix of skills.

Career opportunities include graduate school (M.A., M.F.A.), Studio Artist, Teacher, Technical and Art Design (advertising, media, animation and game development), and freelance creative/performance work.