In the present day globalized environment, the need for intercultural awareness is more pronounced than ever before. In alignment with Lake Erie College’s mission, with special emphasis regarding preparing “…students to succeed as practitioners, professionals and responsible citizens in a contemporary world,” the primary goal of international studies and programs at Lake Erie College is to enhance the multicultural outcomes to empower students. Specifically, we want our students to approach their lives through the lens of cultures other than their own, and also to perform at a high level in the globally oriented fields such as international relations and international business.

International experiences, in an academic setting, provide students an excellent opportunity to live and learn in a culture other than their own, and focus on developing skills necessary to be successful in an increasingly interconnected world. Through internationally focused immersion experiences, Lake Erie College aspires to help students develop their perspectives in such a way to participate more effectively in the global economy and workforce.

Dr. Bryan DePoy
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