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Name: Dr. Mary K. McManamon
Position: Professor of Marketing
Phone: 440.375.7540


Q1: Please provide your name and some contact information for us.

Name: Dr. Mary K. McManamon
Current title: Professor of Marketing
Campus Address: HC306
Email Address:
Office Phone Number: 440.375.7540

Q2: Please provide us with your educational background.

St. Joseph Academy – Cleveland, Ohio
Notre Dame College, Bachelor of Arts in English – South Euclid, Ohio
Cleveland State University, MBA with marketing major – Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland State University – DBA with marketing major and management/labor relationships minor – Cleveland, Ohio

Q3: Describe your area(s) of research.

Health care marketing, marketing research with mature consumers, advertising

Q4: Tell us when you joined the faculty at Lake Erie College.


Q5: How and why did you get into teaching?

I got into teaching because I realized that the parts of my corporate jobs I liked best involved training and education. When Cleveland State University began a part-time doctoral program, I jumped at the chance to earn my doctorate while still working full time.

Q6: Why did you choose to teach at Lake Erie College?

I chose LEC because of the focus on teaching as opposed to research. While we require our faculty to remain current in their fields, we do not require any specific number of publications. I am much more able to spend my time working on improving my teaching.

Q7: Please give an example of a real-world application of the courses you teach.

All of my courses have real-world applications built in. even in my Marketing Principles class requires students to get out of the classroom and into the "field” to see how to apply text material. For example, Marketing Principles are required to secretly follow a shopper to see consumer behavior in action. They look to see how people behave in shopping situations; e.g., the influences of other people, checking prices, reading labels, using coupons and stopping at end-of-aisle displays.

Q8: Why do you love your discipline that you teach?

Marketing is everything. Really. There are few disciplines that allow students to see how theory is put into action. I am never short of examples to explain text material. When students finally realize that what they see in their everyday lives is based on material in their textbooks and in my lectures, I see their eyes light up. There is no greater pleasure on the job.

Q9: What has been your proudest moment as a professor at Lake Erie College?

My proudest moments at LEC were the times I won the Excellence in Teaching awards. I say this because that award is given by my students.

Q10: What one to two life skills do you try to teach your students?

1. Be critical of what you see and hear. Get below the surface and make your own decisions.
2. Don’t just think outside the box; draw your own box.

Q11: What one concept would you like every student to know and understand? 

Education is not a chore or a burden. It’s not a process that ends at graduation.

Q12: How do you interact with students outside of class?

1. Academic advising
2. Attending student events. Many of my students participate on athletic teams. I will attend as many home and an away game as possible so that they know someone is interested in what they are doing.
3. Conversations – formal and casual about life events.


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