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Which Learning Community is right for you?

The Arts, Culture and Humanities Learning Community is for students interested in creativity, the ones who seek ways to express themselves while exploring the world around them; it is for the future artists, dancers, actors, teachers and journalists.
The Business and Entrepreneurship Learning Community is for students who are interested in the world of business-they are motivated, they create opportunities and aim high, and they have ideas that may one day change the world. This is a community for innovators and entrepreneurs, future small business owners and Wall Street players, the students who will become The Next Big Thing.
The Science, Health, and Environment Learning Community is created for students interested in the natural sciences, scientific research, the medical field and mathematics. While not all students in this community plan on majoring in the sciences, they all have a passion for scientific inquiry and are interested in learning more about the world that surrounds them and of which they are a part.
The Service, Policy and Law Learning Community is created for students who want to make positive changes in their communities, their country and the world as a whole. These students are the future public servants, attorneys, judges and teachers.

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